Bottom Fishing Technique | All you need to know about Bottom Fishing Method

The bottom fishing technique is one of the angling techniques referring to the basic and most common fishing techniques, namely the technique used to fish near the seabed or corals. This bottom fishing technique may be a method that allows anglers to relax while waiting for the bait to be caught by the fish. The bait that is used usually varies from live bait, whether it is a fish, live shrimp or even chicken. Even now, there are fishermen who use rice field eel meat because it smells very fishy. Many friends tell us that using eels is faster to get the fish hook up, but until now our team has never tried it yet.

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This bottom technique is generally used to fish for coral fish targets such as grouper, red snapper, halibut and so on. Catching fish with this bottom technique can be done from the boat or also on the shore or cliff using fishing tackles such as reels, fishing rods and so on or also by handline fishing technique (using a simple hand reel) this technique is a very standard technique used from the past until now.

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For bottom technique requires a lead of sinker to the line followed by bait attached to the fishing hook. The purpose of using this sinker is to make the bait quickly reach the bottom. The weight used depends on the spot conditions and ocean currents. If the current is a little strong, the sinker used is heavier so that it quickly goes down and not carried away by the currents so it is slowly reach the seabed.

If you are targeting grouper fish regardless of the type of fish, this method of bottom fishing is perfect, because the grouper rarely chases its prey, it prefers to ambush weak prey using its ability by camouflaging itself near the reef. The movement of the grouper is not very fast, so the bottom technique is very suitable for grouper fishing.

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Groupers can also be caught using the jigging technique, namely the cast jig technique with a micro jig. Fishing for groupers sometimes makes it difficult for anglers because when they grab the bait or lure, these fish often run behind the reef so that they sometimes get stuck and with coral friction, the line is break. If we use a larger leader line, it is fine for the bottom technique to use live bait, but if we use the cast jigging technique, it is impossible to use a larger and stiffer leader, because it will make the micro jig action not good.

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Things that must be considered before fishing by bottom techniques

After knowing the bottom fishing technique, you will not necessarily be successful in bringing a lot of fish home, this also affects several conditions at sea that you should pay attention to. There are also the best times for fishing. Why is that, because the sea is influenced by several factors, namely currents, winds, weather, depth and spot conditions. If you often get no fish or the fish not bite, maybe there are several factors you need to know, you can read reasons why the fish doesn’t bite and you got no fish when fishing in our previous article. the things you need to know before fishing by the bottom technique are as follows:

  • Determine the fish spots: for bottom fishing you need to know where the coral spots are and where the fish ground are.
  • Ocean currents: These ocean currents can be seen when you cast the fishing rod with a sinker, if your bait is carried sideways then the current is a little strong.
  • Waves & Wind: the wind will affect the waves, if the east wind comes, the waves will break in the middle of the sea.
  • Water temperature: temperature affects the active and inactive fish.
  • Water clarity: if the water is a little turbid, usually near the estuary, then the chances of fish grabbing are reduced.

Fishing rod for bottom fishing

The fishing rod used can choose the spinning rod if you buy a spinning reel. You can choose the length of the fishing rod 6 ft more or 180 cm or more.

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Reel for bottom fishing

For reels you can choose from light medium to medium heavy reels or sizes 2000 to 8000 spinning. If ultralight you can adjust tackle balance, reel size 1000 spinning or 100 for BC. For those of you who don’t know the difference between spinning reel and BC, you can read it on the Difference of Spinning Reel and Bait-casting Reel.

The Fishing Line

The line used for bottom fishing are usually nylon, some anglers use braid line but use a fairly long leader so that they are faint and sink quickly.

How to install a Sinker

To install the sinker there are two techniques, one bait and the sinker touches the bottom and the second technique the sinker touches the bottom but the bait is slightly dependent and does not touch the bottom.

Technique to attach a live shrimp

To attach live shrimp to the hook, you can attach it to the tail or to the head, depending on your preference. If you choose the sinker to touch the ground and the bait on the water, then installing a hook in the shrimp’s tail is better, so that the shrimp is free to move and attract the fish and otherwise.

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Can bottom fishing techniques also be applied to ultralight fishing!

Great question. The bottom fisher is underrated by fellow casters. However, you have to respect every skill and technique that people use. Because fishing is a hobby to seek pleasure. For the question above, can the bottom technique be applied in ultralight fishing, of course it can, why not. Do you always have to follow the 6 lb rule? these rules are not binding, there are also ultralight anglers who do not follow the tackle balance. It goes back to the anglers themselves.

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