Fishing in Lake Batur, Kintamani Bali, Best Spots, Fish Species & Guide to Batur Lake

Fishing in Lake Batur is best known for exotic fishing spot in Bali. Batur Lake is the most popular and largest lakes in Bali. It is located precisely in the foot of Mount Batur which is the popular hikes in Bali and a great trekking in Bali to see beautiful sunrise in the top of active volcano.

Lake Batur is a huge caldera which formed by the eruptions of the older Mount Batur 23 thousand years ago. Nowadays, both Lake Batur and Mount Batur are among the most popular tourist attractions in Bali and offer best things to do in Kintamani.

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Lake Batur is located at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level which is popular fishing areas as some local here are freshwater fish farmer. Beside of shore fishing, the tourist can also hire a boat to explore the lake and fishing in the middle of the lake.

The panorama of Mount and Lake Batur offer magnificent things to do in Bali ranging from hiking, trekking to fishing. Fishing in Lake Batur you will have the opportunity to catch many species of freshwater fish.

Here are the species of fish can be found in this lake:

  1. Tilapia (oreochromis mossambicus)
  2. Nile Tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
  3. Black Cichhlid (amplilophus sp. I)
  4. Snakehead (channa striata)
  5. Catfish (claridae)
  6. Java Barb (barbonymus gonionotus)
  7. Spotted Barb (puntius binotatus)
  8. Red nile tilapia (oreochromis sp.)
  9. Milk fish (chanos chanos)
  10. Asian swap eel (monopterus albus)
  11. Barb (barbodes binotatus)
  12. Rasbora (rasbora sp)
  13. Guppy (poecilia reticulata)
  14. Green swordtail (xiphophorus hellerii)
  15. Yellow rasbora (rasbora lateristriata)
  16. Red devil (amphilophus labiatus)

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Best Fishing Spots in Lake Batur, Bali

You can make fishing trip to Batur Lake either fishing near the lake or renting a boat to fish in the middle of the lake. Here are the best places to fish in Lake Batur:

  1. Jempana Bali Camp
  2. Near Jati Temple
  3. Trunyan Village
  4. Prarungan
  5. Baruna Pancing
  6. John Pancing
  7. Njung Bali Camp
  8. TnG Camping
  9. Bintang Danu Camp
  10. Rejeng Bali

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Aside of fishing in Lake Batur, this area is different that south of Bali that offer best beaches in Bali for surfing. This area offers a great mount in Bali for hiking and enjoy the natural attractions. All the best things to do are much about nature.

Here are the best places to visit around Batur Lake:

  • 1. Trunyan Village

Trunyan is the village in Kintamani district, Bangli Regency which has a unique funeral tradition. The dead body were not buried or creamated but placed under the Taru Menyan trees, a kinds of tree that has fragrant smell. The smell from the trees are able to eliminate the smell of corpses.

  • 2. Batur Hot Spring

Batur Natural Hot spring or also known as Toya Bungkah is a natural hot spring comes from the volcano. Taking a bath here is very good for skin treatment, relaxation and good for health. This hot spring is located on the edge of Lake Batur. There are several types of pool that suitable for therapies.

  • 3. Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Ulun Danu Batur Temple is one of the important temple in Bali. Beside of become the place of worship for Hindus, the temple is open to the tourist who want to see the beautiful temple. It has 9 temples where inside of the temple has more than 285 pavilions and temples.

  • 4. Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of volcano in Bali that still active. The mount is the first Indonesia’s geopark offering beautiful sceneries. This mount is one of the great hikes and offering beautiful sunrise. It has an altitude of 1717 meters perfect for hikers or beginner. You will see beautiful natural sceneries, trees, unique slopes and surrounding mountain ranges.

  • 5. Mount Abang

Mount Abang has an altitude of 2.152 meters above sea level make this mount the third highest in Bali after Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru. The mount the remains of ancient Mount Batur erupted thousands of years ago made it separate into two mounts. The hiking trail is quite comfortable that are not steep with pine trees along the way up.

Now you have already know about fishing in Lake Batur, things to do and others. This exotic lake will feast your eyes and refresh your mind by having a great activities.

Fishing in Buyan Lake, Bedugul Bali, Explore Freshwater Fishing Spots in Lake Buyan, Tamblingan & Beratan

Fishing in Buyan Lake Bedugul, Bali is one of the best things to do in this place. Lake Buyan is one of freshwater fishing spots in Bali, Indonesia. Fishing is indedd one of the favorite activities at Buyan Lake among other tourist activities such as camping and trekking.

Buyan Lake is adjacent to Tamblingan Lake where this two lakes are known as the twin lakes. Buyan lake has a depth of approximately 89 meters. This Bali lakes is one of the three lakes flanked by Lake Tamblingan to the west and Lake Beratan to the east.

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Buyan Lake is located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level with cool air. Around the lake covered by a tropical forest which is often used as a place for trekking in Bali. In addition, many travelers climb the hills in Bali close to Lake Buyan to take instagramable pictures.

The tropical forests and hills on Lake Buyan are great spot for camping in Bali. Between Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, there is a canal that connects the two lakes for approximately one kilometer. This canal is named as Telaga Aya by local residents.

Lake Buyan, Lake Tamblingan and Lake Beratan were formed by the eruption of Mount Lesung and formed a caldera that occurred thousands of years ago. Lake Buyan is the largest of the three lakes with a total of around 490 hectares.

Fishing in Buyan Lake is an interesting things and tourists are interested in angling around the lake where you can fish on the platforms made by local. Anglers can rent a boat and fish in the middle of the lake. You can also fish on the shores of the lake.

The Best Fishing Spot on Lake Buyan

For fishing spots on Lake Buyan, you can fish on almost all the shores of the lake. However, to achieve success where there are lots of school of fish, you can choose a location such as near aquatic plants, near rocks that slope into the lake, near tree branches, barriers to piers. Here are some best place to fish that you can try:

  1. Near Ulun Danu Temple
  2. In Dasong Village
  3. Telaga Aya
  4. Lake Buyan Campground
  5. Pancasari Village
  6. Camping Ground & Buyan Recreation Park

Fish Species in Lake Buyan, Bali

In general, anglers must find out what are the targets of fish in Lake Buyan. Because the fish species will also follow the fishing technique to be used, the fishing bait to be used and the fishing gear to be used. The following fish species are found in Lake Buyan:

  1. Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
  2. Zebrafish (amaritlania nigrofasciata)
  3. Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
  4. Swordtail Fish (xiphophorus hellerii)
  5. Rasbora (rasbora sp.)
  6. Barb fish (barbodes sp.)
  7. Guppy (poecilicia reticulate)
  8. Bonylip Barb (osteochilus vittatus)

Fishing Bait on Lake Buyan

For fishing bait you can use to catch the fish on Lake Buyan, namely:

  1. Moss
  2. Pellet Bait
  3. Earthworms
  4. Ant eggs

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Lake Buyan, Lake Tamblingan and Lake Beratan are indeed interesting to visit with beautiful panoramas. Fishing in Buyan Lake are very natural where you can fish and enjoying the charm of nature that will create a great experience during your visit to Bali.

Maldives Spearfishing: An Alternative Spearfishing Trip off Maldives

Maldives is one of perfect tropical holiday destination. Thinking of combining with tour and spearfishing in Maldives, then the Maldives is not for you. Since according to Maldivian Law, spearfishing in Maldives is prohibited. But fishing in Maldives using rod and reel are allowed. If you are looking for other tropical holiday with spearfishing trip, you may head to Aceh and Weh Island next after spending some holiday times in Maldives. You will be enjoy spearfishing trip both shallow reef to deep sea spearfishing near sea mount reefs. You may check the trip below:

Maldives is a great expanse if white sands and blue waters consisting of over a thousands of coral islands which is the perfect holiday destination. Maldives is one of the most famous destination and beautiful islands in the world located in the Indian Ocean. It has many islands, pristine clear blue waters, long stretches beaches, wide variety of marine biota and charming panorama. Fishing is one of important and big role for Maldives economic. Fishing in Maldives you will explore the great fishing adventure using rod and reels.

Maldives has plenty of fish species with the top of target fish to catch by sport fishing fisherman like giant trevally (GT), yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi (dorado or dolphinfish), dogtooth tuna, sailfish, marlin, wahoo, Spanish mackerel and countless reef fishes ranging from coral trout, grouper, red snapper, ruby snapper, emperor, jobfish, jack mackerel, to red bass and rainbow runner. All the fish can be caught using many fishing techniques such as jigging techniques, popper fishing techniques, bottom fishing, trolling techniques to live bait fishing technique. Big game fishing can be done during November to March.

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At last, Maldives is a fishing paradise for some of professional anglers. Anyway if you want to do some spearfishing in Maldives, it is still prohibited according to the law. But some of local spearo keep doing spearfishing in Maldives. For some of spearo, may be they do not hunt and shoot near coral till damaged since they are thinking about sustainable fishing. They kill selected fish and catching a few of them.

Fishing in Sentosa Island, Singapore – A perfect starting point for fishing trip charter & holiday destinations

Sentosa Island is one of the Singapore’s southern islands. Fishing in Sentosa Island is the perfect starting point for Singapore fishing charter or local fishing trip. Fishing on the island is prohibited. Boat fishing is one of the best way to fish. The waters around the island has variety of reef fish. Fishing around the southern islands are great and most productive with direct access to open sea and deep waters.

Sentosa Island is the famous tourist destinations in Singapore home to world resorts and offer a lots of exciting things to do ranging from exciting theme attractions to lush green rainforests. Sentosa has number of best beaches in Singapore. You can visit this island along with other natural attractions.

Sentosa Island was formerly known as “Pulau Belakang Mati”. In fact, in the past the island only functioned as a military base for British and Japanese prisoner of war camp. Later on, in 1970s the government of Singapore developed and changed the name. at this time, it is become most popular holiday destinations. It has developed on large scale tourist attraction ranging from natural tourism to historical tourist spot. To get to this island, you can simply taking the MRT, bus or cable car from mainland of Singapore.

As fishing on the Sentosa Island is prohibited, the island is the perfect point to start fishing where many Singapore fishing charter located in this island. Boat fishing in Sentosa Island offer you great fishing journey to all anglers. The closest fishing spots in Sentosa Island just a few minutes from Sentosa Cove Area where many species can be caught ranging from coral trout, variety of grouper, snapper, tuskfish, emperor, queen fish, trevallies to barracuda. The place are perfect for micro jigging, bottom fishing and drifting.

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Sentosa Island has good water conditions make the coral growth well around the island and become a perfect place for reef fish. Fishing in southern islands of Singapore has been a popular Singapore fishing spot for many year offer all year round. Aside fishing in Sentosa Island waters, boat charters also head to St. John Island, Tuas, Bukom Island and many more.

Another popular fishing in Sentosa Island is kayak fishing. Offer by Kayak Fever launch from Tanjong Beach along the way shorelines of Sentosa. Not only fishing, you will got a tour along the beautiful beaches of Sentosa and scenic and picturesque views. You have the opportunity to catch grouper, snapper, parrotfish and flathead. Don’t worry for beginners fishing in Singapore or kids fishing, you will get learn everything about kayak fishing with an easy route.

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Things to do in Sentosa Island after fishing

Throughout the past history of the island, Sentosa has turned into a magnificent island resort offer complete tourism. There are many popular tourist attractions in Singapore located in this island such as Universal Studio Singapore, Sea Aquarium, Cove Waterpark, Sentosa Park and newly attractions such as Trick Eye Museum. Besides it has many natural tourism such as beautiful beaches with lagoon and many more. Here are 10 best things to do in Sentosa Island:

  • 1. Universal Studio

Universal Studios Singapore is the most famous tourist attraction in Sentosa Island. This is the only film theme park in Southeast Asia where you can find up to 24 exciting and challenging rides and 7 film-theme zones. The rides included Lost World, Shrek 4D Adventure, Ancient Egypt, Ultimate 3D Battle and a lot more.

  • 2. Sea Aquarium

S.E.A Aquarium is a magical marine aquarium with more than 100,000 marine life from 1,000 species including the school of manta rays, moray eels, goliath grouper, leopard sharks and endanger species such as hammerhead shark. The marine life in SEA Aquarium is divided into ten different zones with over 50 habitats. In addition of watching marine life under aquarium, it also offer stay the night at The Ocean Dreams and dining seafood dishes while the fish swim above you at Ocean Restaurant.

  • 3. Cove Waterpark

Cove Waterpark at Resort World Sentosa is the water park with outbound water rides, slides, wave pools, stream pools and many more. There are also plenty activities offer ranging from snorkeling like in the ocean complete with sea fish. In addition, you can see the stingrays and dolphin in an aquarium.

  • 4. Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum is an optical illusion art museum. This 3D+AR museum offer amazing experience where you can interact with the exhibits in AR Trickeye Zones. You can take a crazy-pictures and really fun thing.

  • 5. Siloso Beach

Sentosa is famous for manmade development no exception to its beaches. The white sand beaches, even the manmade but nothing fake where the soft white sand imported from neighbor country. Siloso Beach is located on the south western coast of Sentosa. It’s offer plenty things to do in the beach ranging from hanging on beach bars, swimming, beach volleyball to canoeing. There are wide range of bars, beachfront hotels, shopping and restaurants.

  • 6. Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is the crescent-shape white sand beach with tropical palm trees located in the south coast of Sentosa. It is the best beach to relax and laidback on sunbeds. This place is perfect for swim, upscale dining, play beach games and laidback on sun-loungers.

  • 7. Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is the fine white sand beach with its well-known Pirates of Caribbean style bridge linking to a small island. You can also climb up to watchtower and seeing the ships passing and great views. The turquoise lagoon beach is great for swimming and water sports.

  • 8. Skyline Luge & Skyride

Skyline Luge & Skyride is an open air cable driven chairlift transportation and also an attraction getting from mainland Singapore all the way to Sentosa with wonderful views. The luge is a non-motorized 3 wheel carrier where you can drive from Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach where Skyride which is an open air cable driven chairlift taking you right back from nearby beach with great views up to Imbiah Lookout.

  • 9. Musical Fountain

Sentosa Musical Fountain or also known as Magical Fountain of Sentosa is the show of musical fountains with pyrotechnic, water geysers, effects and new technologies create the light show fountain. All the waters follow the sing and show the three dimensional image on the waters. Watching this at night is one of the wonderful things to do in Sentosa Island.

  • 10. Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso is the only Singapore well-preserved coastal fort. Fort Siloso is one of the historical sites during world war II. You can see hundreds of photograph of the past and also videos. On the outside of Fort Siloso, you will see the cannon and old tunnel that was used as escape route. In addition to fort, you can also enjoy the beautiful views from Skywalk at a height of 43 meters and enjoy dining at nearby café and bars.

  • 11. Sentosa Nature Discovery

Sentosa Nature Discovery is the nature trail to see the nature and wildlife in tranquil side. In fact, Sentosa has 8 types of habitat, 26 heritage trees, insect, migratory birds and butterflies. If you are lucky you will met the endangered Magpie Robin. In this place, there’s also Geology Gallery where you can learn more about Singapore geological map, coastal forests, fossils and many other showcases.

  • 12. Madame Tussauds Singapore

Madame Tussauds Singapore is the great place to take the pictures with famous people around the world who are present in the form of wax statues but look like realistic. Besides, there is also cinema facilities to watch Marvel movies with 4D technology.

  • 13. iFly Singapore

iFly is the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnels where you can enjoy the free-fall skydive in the wind tunnels. It is offer for first time flyer to professional skydivers the opportunity to fly and provide you enjoyable experience.  

  • 14. Mega Adventure Park

Mega Adventure Park is an adrenaline-pumping adventure park operate MegaZip flying fox spanning 450 meter over the island’s jungles and beaches. In addition, there are also other outbound games such as Mega Jump, Mega Bounce and Mega Jump Combo where you can jumps from a height of 15 meters.

  • 15. Hydrodash

Hydrodash is the first Singapore’s floating aqua park where you can climb, slide, bounce and leap. This playground is designed for family thrill-seeking activities for excitement and open for all ages.

  • 16. Cable Sky Network

Cable Sky Network is the cable car to get to the hilltop dining and entertainment venues of Mount Faber. The cable car system connects Mount Fiber Park with Sentosa Island. on the way up you will enjoy great views. You can also taking this cable car at night and glide quietly over the city lights which is the great way to enjoy romantic evening with beloved ones or family.

  • 17. Mount Faber

Mount Faber is the Singapore’s second highest hill where culinary and entertainment complex occupies a hilltop. It is also known as Faber Peak where you can enjoy a drink at trendy bars while viewing the beautiful panorama.

  • 18. Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island is one of fascinating attraction offered by Resort World Sentosa, Singapore. You can get closer and swim with bottlenose dolphins privately in natural designed lagoon. Here you can interact directly with indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin which is the common species found in warm waters such as South China Sea, Southeast Asia and Australia. You will accompanied by marine mammal trainer who share the knowledge about dolphins, their habitat, migration patterns, anatomy, and many more.

  • 19. Sentosa 4D Adventureland

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is family adventure recreation area where you can try the high-tech into the world film journey of The Mysterious Island with 4D technology. In addition there is also an Extrem Log Ride that will bring you to explore the future world.

  • 20. SkyHelix Sentosa

SkyHelix is a Singapore’s highest open air panoramic ride elevated at 79 meters offer breathtaking scenic views. With idyllic ride slowly ascending to 79 meter above sea level, you will view spectacular panorama of entire Sentosa from above.

After all, Sentosa Island offer lots of fun things to do, no exception to fishing in Sentosa Island that offer you great fishing adventure.

Fishing in Pawai Island, Singapore in the great coral reefs spot

Fishing in Southern Islands of Singapore offer number of species of fish to catch. Fishing in Pawai Island offer variety of species of fish ranging from grouper, golden snapper, indian threadfin to queen fish. Pawai Island is one of the best for Singapore fishing charter to get bend of the rod and catching fish. The island owned by Singapore armed force mean access to the island is prohibited.

Pawai Island is an island situated on south-west of Singapore. It was also known as Alligator Island in the past during colonial era. The island has extensive coral reefs. The waters around Pawai Island with other southern islands are home to Singapore’s best coral reefs. In 1967, the island was a popular underwater exploration and Singapore spearfishing activities.

Pawai Island is one of the popular fishing spot for bottom fishing, micro jigging and popper fishing. The water around the island is good to catch small GT (giant trevally), nice size of orange spotted grouper, coral trout, golden snapper, queen fish and many more.

Pulau Pawai is surrounded by great coral reefs that is teeming with diverse of fish species. Micro jigging and reef fishing in Pawai Island is a more relaxed fishing adventure. You can spend the day aboard and perfect way to spend quality time with family and friend. You will get memorable fishing trip on this island.

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Fishing in Pawai Island become of the best fishing and outdoor activities. Pulau Pawai has lush green forests and rich of biodiversity of coral reefs. Pulau Pawai island a great place to test your rod. It is also perfect place for kids fishing. Whether you are an fisherman or simply looking for a delightful of thrill of fishing, Pulau Pawai is one of the great option.

Spearfishing in Singapore: Is Spearfishing legal in Singapore?

Spearfishing in Singapore is illegal where possess a speargun you will get penalty. But some activity of spearfishing was found in Pawai Island by local. Pawai Island is one of the diving spot in Singapore which is known as the best coral reefs and very rich with rare of coral reefs and marine life. Mostly the population in the island are fisherman. In addition, Pawai Island or also known as Alligator Island during colonial is one of the best boat fishing spot in Singapore. The island is developed as Marine Park along with Sudong Island, Semakau Island and Senang Island.

Since it illegal to spearfish in Singapore, but there are some people have a license to possess a speargun. Most of them going for spearfishing overseas of Singapore like Malaysia and Indonesia. To learn spearfishing, Bali spearfishing offer the lesson. In addition, fishing in Bali are also great. Anyway, if you are the travelers and transit in Singapore with speargun, you will get into trouble.

If you are spearo and wanting to spearfishing in Indonesia, Aceh is one of the best spearfishing destination in Indonesia located on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. There are numerous spearfishing spot ranging from shallow reef to catch snapper, steep drop offs, sea mount and rushing current precisely in the meeting point between Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman. Find out the trip offer below:

You can also check the deep sea fishing trip to Aceh & Weh Island below:

What happen if you carrying the speargun on luggage and transit or stopover in Singapore?

To own speargun you have to apply a license. If you are on transit or stopover in Singapore, don’t even think to carrying the speargun in your luggage. Singapore has stricter law applies on speargun.  

If you are planning to learn freediving and wanting to spearfish abroad, you can learn to freedive precisely in Pulau Hantu since it has a great visibility than other.

At last, spearfishing is the ancient way to fish and nowadays it is getting popular hunting technique. If you could not get a license for spearfishing in Singapore, don’t be sad. The world is full of freediving and spearfishing destinations.

Spearfishing in Malaysia: is Spearfishing legal in Malaysia, Spearfish Trip Guide

Spearfishing in Malaysia is a bit restrict same as spearfishing in Singapore. To possess a speargun you need to have a license from Royal Malaysia police. There is some places that people doing spearfish, but in the marine park, spearfishing is forbidden. Even fishing are only allow at two nautical miles away from the shore.

Fishing in Malaysia using the rod and reel is one of the best things to do. Beside of local anglers, Singaporean are often made a fishing trip to Malaysia waters aside of they made fishing trip to Indonesia and boat fishing in Singapore as well. In Malaysia they are fishing in Kuala Rompin, Tioman Island and also fishing in Langkawi. There are also many other popular fishing destination in Malaysia. While in Indonesia they make fishing trip to Bali, Batam, Bintan and other destination.

Unfortunately, to apply the speargun license is a bit difficult. If you are happy to spearfishing in Malaysia, you can come up to Borneo. In the Borneo, Bajau people have a great spearfisherman, they doing the freediving and spearfishing around the Mabul island, Sabah. Besides, you will also find some spearfisherman in Pulau Gaya, Borneo, Malaysia.

If you are spearo and wanting to find easy and amazing spearfishing trip in Indonesia, you may fly off to Aceh, Aceh is one of the best spearfishing location in Indonesia located on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. There are numerous spearfishing spot ranging from shallow reef to catch snapper, steep drop offs, sea mount and rushing current precisely in the meeting point between Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman. Find out the trip offer below:

You can also check our deep sea fishing trip to Aceh & Weh Island below:

What happen if you carrying the speargun on luggage and transit or stopover in Malaysia?

Possess the speargun in Malaysia need the license and equivalent of having fire arm license. You can not even bring the speargun in your luggage if you do not have a license.

Alright, hopefully this guide of spearfishing in Malaysia will help you.

Fishing in St John Island, Singapore: Explore the fantastic fishing spots

St John Island is a rich of water. Fishing in St John Island offer great opportunity to catch many species of fish especially reef fishes. St. John Island is one of the best fishing spot in Singapore with great catch. St John Island is a southern island of Singapore developed as recreational areas. The island is very easy to reach since there is public ferry service from Marina south pier just 30 minutes. You can also take a ferry from Sentosa or harbourfront.

singapore fishing

All types of fishing in St John Island will work such as casting techniques, bottom fishing techniques and also squid fishing. There are lots of fish species you may catch by fishing in St. John are trevally family fish, snappers, groupers, half beaks, fingermarks, parrots, seabass, mackerel, needlefish, queenfish, tuskfishes, barracuda and others.

The best fishing spots in St. John Island are along the stretch of breakwater and rocky shore. Surrounding breakwater has a stretch of reef and really good to cast a lures. It is also perfect for night fishing. At the corner of the island right before you reach red beacon, you will see the canal that really good spots for barramundi and mullet fish.

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There are still many places to fish around St. John Island. But keep reminder that you can’t fish at the areas designated for swimming. Another thing you can do after fishing in St John Island is camping (need a permit to camp) and trail along almost 3km where you can see and learn about flora and fauna.

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In the island there are chalets where you can stay for some period of fishing. Fishing in St John Island can be enjoyed for if you stay for several days. The fishing spots are quite a lots and it takes time to explore.

Fishing in Pulau Ubin, Singapore: Best Fishing Spots in Ubin Island

Fishing in Pulau Ubin has an abundance of the popular for recreational Singapore fishing trip. Ubin Island is also spectacular places for outdoor activities such as kayaking, cycling, canoeing, camping and walking around. There are lots of best fishing spots in Pulau Ubin both nearshore fishing and offshore fishing near the island. The best land-base fishing spots in Pulau Ubin are NPCC camp site beach, Nordin Beach, Mamam Campsite, Jelutong Campsite, Pontoon Jetty and Ubin Main Jetty. Another best spots are in the mangrove spot where you can catch barramundi and mangrove jack. Offshore fishing are good between Ubin and Ketam island.

fishing in pulau ubin

Pulau Ubin is one of the popular island in Singapore for adventurous and nature lover traveler. It is known for adventure activities such as biking, fishing, camping and kayaking. Pulau Ubin is located just off the north-eastern coast of Singapore mainland. It is tranquil and really amazing place for kayaking and kayak fishing.

Pulau Ubin can be reached from Changi Point Terminal about 15 minutes ride by boat. You will see beautiful sceneries, historical sites, fish farm and this island is the last-remaining traditional village in Singapore. Pulau Ubin has diverse of natural attraction ranging from seagrass lagoon, mangroves areas teeming with wildlife, coastal forest to wetlands.

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Pulau Weh FIshing Trip

Pulau Ubin was once a granite quarry in the 1960-s and closed in 1999. Fishing in Pulau Ubin is prohibited in all quarries. You will see many granite mining abandoned. Ubin Island is visited regularly by local to enjoy the natural attractions. Visiting Pulau Ubin is one of magnificent things to do in Singapore to see the natural tourism.

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Since Pulau Ubin popular with Singaporean visitors, it was created Pulau Ubin Recreational Areas about 700 hectares including Chek Jawa. The boardwalk built throughout mangrove forest allow the visitor to watch marine wildlife and mangrove forest.