Fishing in Rondo Island

Rondo Island is lying in Andaman Sea and the real start of Indonesia in the northern part. Rondo Island is the Indonesia’s northernmost island part of Aceh province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Administratively the island is part of Weh Island. it is one of the sport fishing spot in Indonesia and one of the top five world fishing spot. You can see the island far out the north of Pulau Weh. The island adjacent to open Indian Ocean and Nicobar archipelago. Rondo has an area of 0.650 square kilometers located strategically in international shipping line.

The water of Rondo Island has abundant marine wealth. The island is rocky island lie on a reef and steep to the ocean. The island is inhabited and sometimes visited by scuba divers from Iboih or Gapang. There are a small Indonesian military post on the island. To reach the island is only by boat from Iboih or Sabang city. The island is about 15 miles from Sabang city.

An off-lying bank with a depth of 51 meters, coral rock steep to ocean are perfect place for giant predators fishing. All kinds of fishing techniques are welcome in Rondo Island Fishing Spot ranging from trolling, jigging, popping, etc. many big fish species can be caught here such as Giant Trevally, Blue Fin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Red Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Marlin, Bonito, Wahoo, etc. In this island sometimes we often see the dolphins jumping close to the boat.  If you want to catch the big predator in Rondo Island, make sure you book the fishing tour from us below:

Rondo Island has snorkeling and diving as well, you will see the beautiful cluster of coral. The spot is for advance divers only because of the strong circle current. The spot are amazing diving spot to see many kinds of sharks. Fishing in Rondo Island is great experience, there are a lot of fishing spot in this island. Some of the spots are a wide mountain of the coral similar to Sea Mount Reef. The spots around Rondo in the north sea is a tuna migration and very high nutrient sea offer abundant of fish. The waters in the island with a depth of 250 meters are great spot. There are other deepest spot. On the Rondo, there are more than 5 greatest spot inhabited by monsters especially Tuna family, Ruby Snapper, Barracouta to Giant Trevally. There are also drop off slopes go deepest to the Indian Ocean where you can catch marlin and sailfish.