Fishing in Simeulue Island

Simeulue is an island in Aceh and also one of regency with the capital Sinabang. As one of the best surf destination, Simeulue is one of the largest Lobster and fish producer that has been exported to many countries in the world. Simeulue fishing area precisely in Indian Ocean has very high marine culture with the huge fish catching area. Fishing in Simeulue is like another great experience, the most common fish can be catch here are skip jack, tiger grouper, yellow fin tuna, king mackerel, sunu grouper, giant trevally, snapper and many other kind of species of fish.

On 26th December 2004, the earthquake measuring 9,3 on the Richter scale and powerful tsunami has devastated the coastal area in this island. Nowadays the island had built new infrastructure and the roads are being built across the island.

To get to Simeulue, you can reach either by car or ferry. For air transportation, you can book a flight served by Wings Air fly every day from Medan (Kuala Namu International Airport) to Sinabang (Lasikin Airport). If you are using sea transportation, you can get the ferry in three region in Aceh namely Singkil, Labuhan Haji Port in South Aceh and Kuala Bubon in West Aceh. The sailing from Singkil to Sinabang take about 9-10 hours, Labuhan Haji to Sinabang about 8-9 hours and Kuala Bubon to Sinabang about 12-13 hours. if you are using air transportation, it will save your time with the travel time only 60 minutes from Medan to Sinabang.

In Sinabang you can easily find a lot of fish and lobster, besides there are lobster and seafood culinary which is worth to try.

Simeulue has large bays, Teluk Dalam and Teluk Sibigo. If you are interested to fish in Simeulue, Simeulue Cut Island, Mincau Island, Babi Island, Belayar Island and Lasia Island are among the best fishing spots. There are lots of fishing spots in Simeulue that will not be done explore only a few days. In these islands you can throw you popping and jigging to catch variety of fish such as skip jack, tiger grouper, yellow fin tuna, king mackerel, sunu grouper, giant trevally, snapper, sword fish and many others.