Fishing in Singapore (SG): Best Spots, Trip, fish to catch & Singapore Fishing Charter, Deep Sea & Freshwater

Fishing in Singapore mostly bottom fishing trip to catch bottom dwelling fish near the coral reefs, shipwreck and rock formations in the sea. Not only saltwater fishing, Singapore has also surprise freshwater fishing and brackish water to catch barramundi, mangrove snapper, peacock bass and giant snakehead which is a ferocious and aggressive predator.

Singapore is metropolis and most developed island city state located in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula adjacent the Riau Islands (Indonesia) to the south and Strait of Malacca to the west. Singapore is a multicultural where many ethnic group living within the country comprising Chinese as dominant population following the Malay as the second largest population, Indian and others.

Singapore Overseas Fishing Trip

Finding overseas fishing trip off Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are favorite fishing destination. We are offering fishing trip to Aceh, which is 1 hour 20 minutes flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia served by AirAsia or 1 hour 5 minutes on flight from Medan to Banda Aceh. There is a Silk Air flying off from Singapore to Medan daily. You will fishing in vast open sea precisely in Aceh waters.

Bottom & Light Jigging Trip

We are offering bottom fishing trip in Aceh aside from your excited holiday time in paradise island start from SG$ 375 per person if there are 5 person. The price offer for 4 days 3 nights included fishing boat (one day fishing trip), meals, transport, accommodation, ferry ticket to the island and snorkeling trip in Rubiah Sea Garden. Check out the itinerary below:

Heavy Duty Fishing Trip Deep Sea Overseas

Enjoy big game & deep see fishing in Aceh. It is easy to reach from Singapore to Banda Aceh. We are offering jigging and popping in Aceh waters. Kindly contact us for heavy duty fishing trip price. Check out our offer below:

Singapore has one of large island and 62 other small islets. Even it is a metropolis and urban areas, Singapore has some great fishing spots ranging from island fishing, pay ponds, jetties and land-base angling spot. There are designated areas that fishing are allowed. We will list for you the best fishing spots in Singapore both offshore and the secret fishing spots around the islands.

Fishing Methods in Singapore

There are many fishing techniques you may applied in Singapore both saltwater fishing or freshwater. If you are fishing from the boat, the type of fishing like bottom fishing and light jigging are the most effective way to catch species of fish in Singapore. When you are fishing in reservoirs or another place, casting is the best way to do it. Giant Snakehead and Peacock Bass has very strong react to artificial top waters lures and subsurface lure.

Bottom Fishing: This angling technique is the most common refers to fishing on seabed or bottom targeted ground-fish such as groupers, snappers, bream and many more. The important things is to take the bait to the seabed. Normally there is a rig setup with the line led by the sinker and followed by the hook and baits.

Light Jigging: this style of fishing are spectacular technique to catch pelagic fish. The technique are also suitable to catch bottom dweller fish using micro and light jig. The technique are varied ranging from slow pitch jigging to high pitch jigging. The lure use is a metal jig resemble to a fish in many kinds of action form such as center weight jig to slow jig. To do this jigging technique, you may play it rhythmically up and down as well as retrieve and reeling the line.

Casting: This technique is refers to using the long and flexible fishing rod to cast a lure to certain distance. The line will pull out into the waters. What you need to do is to retrieve by reeling the line. It will make the lure play like a prey and make the predator hunt for it. The casting technique can be applied on spinning reel and also bait-casting reel for accuracy and distance.

Fishing License & Permit

Fishing in Singapore is strictly under control and much regulated. There are designated fishing place and also no fishing areas. There is a fined if you fish in the areas where fishing is not allowed. PUB is a Singapore’s National Water Agency has designated fishing areas at selected reservoirs and waterways. You may consider fishing only at designated areas and using only the artificial bait at reservoirs and waterways. In certain parks, you are required to pay for rod license and fishing permit.

Best Fishing Spots in Singapore

With numerous islet and reservoirs, Singapore is one of the great place for urban anglers to cast the line and enjoy exciting fishing. You may fish off shore, near jetties, fishpond, reservoirs and other places.

Off shore fishing Singapore

Off shore fishing Singapore is a favorite fishing for leisure. It is a surprise Singapore has many islet  located strategically between Straits of Malacca and South China Sea with about 120 miles coastline. Some of the island has good coral. Here are best offshore fishing spots in Singapore:

  • 1. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is one of the great fishing spots in Singapore which is easy to access from the mainland. Besides of fishing, Ubin Island are also great for outdoor activities in nature such as cycling, canoeing, camping and walk around. It is great both offshore and nearshore fishing. Pulau Ubin is also great place to catch barramundi and mangrove jack. The island is located off the north-east coast of Singapore about 15 minutes by boat.

  • 2. Pulau Tekong

Pulau Tekong is another great place for fishing in Singapore. There are many delicious spotted grouper and red snapper to catch around Tekong Island. Beside, you will catch many other species such as sweetlips, parrot fish, and many more.

  • 3. St. John Island

St. John Island is a paradise for anglers in Singapore. Offshore the island there are huge opportunity to catch barracuda, snapper, trevallies, fingermarks, half beak, seabass and grouper. St. John Island is the southern island developed as recreational areas. The island can be reached from Marina South Pier by ferry. The ferry will also transfer to Kusu Island and back to Marina South Pier. The chalets is also can be found in the island.

  • 4. Kusu Island

Kusu Island is a famous island in SG for religious reason. Aside of famous for its Chinese temple, this island also has hidden fishing spots. Kusu Island, St. John Island and Lazarus Island are the favorite places for Singaporean fishing kakis.

  • 5. Pulau Tekukor

Pulau Tekukor is a fantastic island with the steep drop-off and rocky formation in the sea bed are home to bottom dwellers fish. With its natural beauty offer, the Tekukor Island are one of the great place for fishing.

  • 6. Sultan Shoal Lighthouse

Sultan Shoal Lighthouse is located between Jurong Island and Tuas Reclamation Land built in 1895. There are several shipwrecks found scattered along the lighthouse where it becomes perfect place for jigging and bottom fishing.

  • 7. Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island is the southern islands along with Kusu Island and St. John Island. You will find many species of fish by fishing in this island. Lazarus Island, St. John Island and Kusu Island are connected each other. The entire island has breakwater with rocky areas suitable for bottom fishing to catch grouper and snapper. You may use the artificial lures to catch barracuda, queenfish and mackerel.

  • 8. Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu is the great place for pelagic fish with strong current. Pulau Hantu or Ghost Island is great both for fishing and camping. It is also good place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The island is known for its rich of coral reefs with wide diversity of coral reefs.

  • 9. Pawai Island

Pulau Pawai or Pawai Island is also known as Alligator Island during colonial era. The island are very rich with the rare of coral reefs and home to Singapore best coral reefs. The island along with Semakau Island, Sudong Island and Senang Island developed as Marin Park. The population on the island are the fisherman. This island is popular spots for both scuba diving and fishing. Spearfishing activity is also found in the island. The island is located off the southwestern coast of S’pore.

  • 10. Pulau Sudong

Pulau Sudong or Sudong Island is swamp-island overgrown with mangrove. The place are perfect place for eging to catch squid at night. Off shore the island is also great to catch rays, sweetlip, grouper and snapper. Nearest islands in south of Singapore such as Seking Island, Pulau Bukom and Semakau are also great place for fishing.

  • 11. Semakau Island

Semakau Island is a fishing village with steep cliff and rocky sea bed. You will hook up nice size of grouper, snapper and tusk fish. Pulau Semakau has extensive mangrove forest overgrown in the eastern fringe. It has abundant marine habitat, seagrass meadows and great coral reefs.

  • 12. Raffles Lighthouse

Raffles Lighthouse is a marine landmark located at the southern tip of Singapore. This place are perfect place to hunt the giant predator fish. The Raffles Lighthouse are one of the five most famous lighthouse in Singapore in Pulau Satumu or known as Coney Island and today known as Pulau Serangoon.

  • 13. Pulau Biola

Pulau Biola is popular fishing spots in Singapore for pelagic fishing. Pulau Biola or also known Violin Island are rich with marine life and coral reefs. The island has been known as untouched and very natural. Between Biola Island and Raffles Lighthouse are great fishing ground. Biola Island, Pedra Branca (Horsburgh Lighthouse), Ghost Island, Lazarus or Sakijang Island, Satumu Island, Semakau Island, Tekukor Island and Sultan Shoal Lighthouse are the most popular yacht fishing spots where many yacht fishing charters are heading out for fishing trip. All these islands are also known as secret fishing spots in Singapore.

  • 14. Horsburgh Lighthouse

Horsburgh Lighthouse is a mark of the entrance to the Singapore Strait from South China Sea located about 30 miles away to the east from the Singapore. The place is perfect place to catch school of groupers and snappers. You may also catch the skipjack, tuskfish, emperor and trevallies.

  • 15. Pulau Brani

Pulau Brani or Brave Island is located between Pulau Ujong (mainland) and Sentosa Island. There are fishing enthusiast fishing near the island.

Nearshore fishing Singapore

Even some part of the island shoreline in Singapore are restricted to fish, but there are many places allowed to fish. There are many great beach fishing spots and jetties in the east and northern side. Nearshore fishing is a cheap fishing trip to do in Singapore.

  • 1. Punggol Point Jetty

Punggol Point Jetty is located at Punggol district in northeastern of Singapore precisely near Pasir Ris Beach. This small jetty offer an amazing catch and normally being crowd at evening.

  • 2. Bedok Jetty

Bedok Jetty is a popular shore fishing in Singapore located on the east coast of Singapore with about 300 meters long offer great land base fishing spots in SG. This spots remain a big fish land base fishing spot where you can catch nice size of grouper, cobia, stingray and snapper if you are lucky.

  • 3. Woodlands Jetty

Woodlands Jetty is one of the longest jetty of about 400 meters and one of the hot spot for fishing in Singapore. It offers a wide variety of species to catch such as barracuda, barramundi, halfbeak, mullet, tarpon, hardtail scad, bigeye trevally, pomfret, golden trevally, scat, tenpounders, fourfinger threadfin, milkfish, mackerel, queen fish, banded archerfish, faughni mackerel, grunt, hound needlefish, spotted sicklefish and also grouper.

  • 4. Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park is a coastal park stretches beaches and ideal place for family gathering, swimming and beachfront barbeques. Fishing in Changi Beach Park are legal. In the Changi shoreline has many fishing location like near Ubin bound Jetty, end of Telok Paku road, along Nicoll Drive and many more.

  • 5. Sembawang Park

Sembawang park is one of the potential fishing location in Singapore where many good size fish species can be caught such as barramundi and queen fish. You will see many local anglers fishing in Sembawang Park Jetty or also known as Sembawang Park fishing pier.

  • 6. East Coast Park

East Coast Park is one of a popular fishing spots in Singapore. This place also popular for Kayak Fishing in Singapore. In East Coast Park you will find East Coast Park White Jetty which is one of the best location to fish in East Coast Park.

  • 7. Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris Beach is one of the great inshore fishing spots. The breathtaking panorama of the sea welcome you. You may have the opportunity to catch wrasse and you may do kayak fishing.

  • 8. Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier fishing will give you wide opportunity to catch some of golden trevally, grouper, threadfin, bream and many more. In this place you can fish using bottom technique, feathering technique and also casting technique.

  • 9. Labrador Jetty

Labrador Jetty fishing is one of the best land base fishing with the nice size catch. There are many species of fish to catch such as queen fish, coral trout, golden trevally, yellowtail scad, giant trevally, stingray and at night you can do squid fishing near jetty.

  • 10. Admiralty West Beach

Admiralty West Beach is another fishing spot you may heading out to. Beside of fishing, this place also popular for beach activities like camping, BBQ and watersport.

  • 11. Senoko End Beach

Senoko End Beach is amazing fishing spot. There are lot of mullet fish attract many predator to hunt. In this beach there is fish port jetty where you can fish some mullet using the bread.

  • 12. Kranji Dam Beach & Mangrove

Kranji has fantastic fishing spots you may fish in Kranji Beach, Sengei Kranji and also in the Kranji Reservoir.

  • 13. Tuas Basin

Tuas Basin is one of the secret fishing spot where angler has the opportunity to catch stingray, diamond trevally, barracuda, grouper, snapper, Indian threadfin and many other species.

Kelong fishing Singapore

Kelong is a fishing platform using for fish farm, recreational fishing and some of them equipped with accommodation and seafood restaurant located offshore. You may catch your own fish either in the sea or in the farm for the sure you will catch the fish you want to cook ranging from groupers, snappers to trevallies. Here are some of the best fishing Kelongs in Singapore:

1. Smith Marine Floating Kelong & Resto

Smith Marine Floating Kelong and Restaurant was a fish farm and later developed as modern Kelong and floating restaurant. Smith Marine is one of the best kelong fishing in Singapore located off the coast of Pulau Ubin. You fish in the farm and having best dining in the open sea.

  • 2. Ah Hua Kelong

Ah Hua Kelong is offshore fish farm where you can get fresh seafood. You can also buy the fresh fish online on Ah Hua Kelong website with delivery direct to households, restaurant and retailer. The kelong located off Changi and Sembawang is specialize in red snapper, seabass, pearl grouper and golden pomfret.

  • 3. Lim Chu Kang Jetty & Kelong

Lim Chu Kang Jetty is a 100 meter long wooden built jetty located at the end of Lim Chu Kang Road, Singapore. At this time, the jetty used for offshore fishing kelongs. When you are walking around, be aware of the crocs.

  • 4. Uncle Tan’s Kelong

Uncle Tan’s Kelong is a fishing village off the coast of Singapore or just off Pulau Ubin. You may enjoy the fishing in this Kelong located 10 minutes boat ride from Changi Jetty to the floating fish farm. This kelong is also popular dining spot in the open sea.

  • 5. Ah Hong Kelong

Ah Hong Kelong is a fish farm and kelong where you can fish and having fresh seafood dining located in Johor Strait, Singapore.

Freshwater Fishing Spots in Singapore

Freshwater fishing is another fantastic fishing in Singapore. There are designated fishing areas at reservoirs and waterways. Bait fishing is not allowed at this area. You may cast with a lure and catch and release are highly recommended. Here are the freshwater fishing spots in Singapore:

  • 1. Bedok Reservoir

Bedok Reservoir is one of reservoir in Singapore where many watersports can be done such as canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding and fishing. It has also a park around the reservoir which is popular among local to do outdoor activities like jogging, skating, cycling and fishing. For fishing, Bedok Reservoir is one of the best place for freshwater fishing in Singapore. There are many types of predatory fish and invasive fish not native to Singapore such as peacock bass, African walking catfish, armored sucker catfish, giant snakehead and tarpon.

  • 2. Serangoon Island Reservoir

Serangoon Reservoir was originally a river and made as canal or waterways flow to tributaries of Sungei Pinang and Sungei Blukar and empty to Serangoon Harbor. The river also known as Serangoon Estuary and later transformed into a reservoir. Serangoon Reservoir is fantastic freshwater fishing in Singapore. At this time fishing is allowed at designated areas of 10 reservoirs and 5 waterways in Singapore including this reservoir. Since it was allowed for fishing, some anglers testing for freshwater kayak fishing. There are 13 non-native species of fish and 5 native fish can be hook by lures here including peacock bass and giant snakehead.

  • 3. Marina Reservoir

Marina Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Singapore with the building of a dam at the mouth of Marina Channel. It was originally saltwater and became freshwater resource from natural process. The famous rivers of Singapore river and Kallang river and its tributaries of Geylang river and Rochor river are part of the reservoir. The reservoir is one of the nice spot to fish, the fishing area can be found near the sea. Besides there are many other mark designated fishing locations in the reservoir. You may catch the peacock bass, juvenile and many more.

  • 4. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a reservoir and green lush park with picturesque sceneries and turquoise waters. Fishing can be done along the jetty. Anglers will have the opportunity to catch tilapia, snakehead, giant snakehead, peacock cichlid, and aggressive speckled peacock bass.

  • 5. Pandan Reservoir

Pandan Reservoir is converted reservoir from Sungei Pandan river by damming the mouth of the river. Pandan reservoir is one of interesting fishing spots where you can catch snakehead, giant snakehead, chitala (knife-fish or bronze featherback), catfish, peacock bass, tarpon and many other species.

  • 6. Lower Peirce Reservoir

Lower Peirce Reservoir is the second-oldest reservoir located near Upper Peirce Reservoir. The reservoir has beautiful sights with excited activities. Prawning and fishing are allowed where you can cast the rod.

  • 7. Pang Sua Canal

Pang Sua Canal is a canal in Pang Sua Park. Pang Sua Canal is one of the best canal fishing in Singapore to catch some of big predator such as snakehead, peacock bass and giant snakehead.

  • 8. Upper Seletar Reservoir

Upper Seletar Reservoir is a reservoir and green lush park with magnificent sights. For freshwater anglers, this place is one of great luring fishing location. There are dozens of peacock bass are waiting. Besides, the reservoir is teeming with other species of fish such as marble goby, big head carp, Thai snakehead, snakehead, grass carp, tilapia and catfish.

  • 9. MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRichie Reservoir is the oldest reservoir in Singapore covered with the forest where boardwalks and trail through the forest. The place is alternative freshwater fishing spots in Singapore.

  • 10. Pelton Canal

Pelton Canal is canal connecting Kallang to Ballam Park Connector. Pelton Canal is a legal fishing ground where you can hook up bass fish.

  • 11. Rochor Canal

Rochor Canal or Rochor River is a 1,1 kilometers canalized river in Kallang, Singapore. The transformed waterways is allowed to fish at certain designated of 5 fishing decks. It offers legal urban fishing spot where you can catch peacock bass, walking catfish and plenty of tilapia. There are also giant snakehead and snakehead fish.

  • 12. Jurong Lake

Jurong Lake is a freshwater lake and reservoir converted by damming Sungei Jurong. The lake is great recreational ground which has beautiful landscapes. The fishing is allowed at several designated areas which only using artificial bait to catch peacock bass, pacu (Serrasalmidae) and marble goby.

  • 13. Geylang River

Geylang River is a convert river into a navigable canal flow from Geylang to Kallang. The river has great potential fishing ground where fishing is legal at several decks and areas. Peacock bass is the common fish here to catch.

  • 14. Kranji Reservoir

Kranji Reservoir is a reservoir near Strait of Johor in the northern part of SG. It was formed from freshwater river into freshwater reservoir by dammed at the mouth of river that flowed into the sea. It has 3 main tributaries namely Sungei Tengah, Sungei Kangkar and Sungei Peng Siang. The fishing are allowed at fishing ground A and B. this reservoir is one of the favorite freshwater fishing in Singapore to catch giant snakehead, marble goby and peacock bass.

  • 15. Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is scenic dam in Singapore where you can do many things from cycling to watching magnificent sunset. The dam has plenty of green chromide fish species which has two habitats both fresh and brackish water.

Fishpond Fishing Singapore

Another way to escape from the bustle of urban city is fishing at the pond. There are many fishpond in Singapore suitable for family fishing and kids fishing area.

  • 1. Gills Fishing

Gills Fishing Pond is located in Marina Country Club which pay pond to fish in Singapore. Gills Fishing Pond is a bit crowd fishpond in Singapore. This great fishing pond offer impressive catch like GT, stingray, coral trout, grouper, snapper, threadfin salmon and also the shark.

  • 2. D’Best Saltwater Pond

D’Best Saltwater Fishing Pond is the largest saltwater fishing pond in Singapore located next to central of Pasir Ris. The pond has several ponds offer different hourly ticket price. The areas is also complete with the facilities of restaurant, minimarket and tackle shop. The species of fish you can catch such as mangrove jack, finger mark, threadfin, giant trevally, barramundi, cobia, grouper and pomfret.

  • 3. Pasir Ris Pond

Pasir Ris Pond is a popular fishpond in Singapore located in the central Pasir Ris Town Park. You may find the facilities near the pond like the chalet and boating facilities. If you are happy to catch redtail catfish, grouper, snapper you may heading to this pond. You may also prawning in the pond.

  • 4. Hai Bin

Hai Bin is the best prawning pond in Singapore located in several places in Punggol, Jurong and Sembawang. The pond offer remarkable prawning fishing for Singaporean. The pond areas are completed with bar and café.

  • 5. Orto

Orto is a huge fishing and prawning fishing pond in Singapore. It can accommodate large group fishing such as family group, company fishing events and competition and social gathering. In the pond you will catch Chao Phraya Catfish, Siamese Carp and many more. The pond is also equipped with dining venue.

  • 6. Riviera Prawning

Riviera Prawning is the 24 hours prawning pond located in Punggol. This pond is one of the best prawning pond in Singapore. You will be exciting by catching big prawn.

  • 7. Ah Lim’s Fishing Pond

Ah Lim’s Fishing pond is catch and release fishpond. The fish weighing 6kg above are released back to the pond according the rules. There are many species of fish to catch like grouper, snapper, pomfret, barramundi and many more.

  • 8. E.D.S Saltwater Pro Pond

E.D.S Saltwater Pro Pond is salt water pay pond located at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 in the same complex with the Iwarna Catch & Release pond. The pond is stocked with fingermark, grouper, trevallies, threadfin and pomfrets.

Besides the fishing pond mentioned above, there are still many other fishing pond in Singapore suitable for angling, prawning and crabbing such as Pasir Ris Farmway 1, 2 and 3. Auntie Pond and GT Pond, Punggol Marina Paypond, and others.

Best Fish to Catch in Singapore

Every anglers may asking what is the best fish to catch in Singapore. It depends on your destination either fishing out offshore or freshwater fishing in reservoirs and waterways.

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Saltwater Fishing

If you go out offshore fishing, there are many species of fish you may catch ranging from grouper to trevallies. Here are best saltwater fish to catch in Singapore:


Grouper: Grouper is common fish to catch in Singapore waters. This fish is also delicious fish to eat both cooking and grilled. This fish has many species, the common you can find are spotted grouper, coral trout, estuary cod, Malabar grouper, honeycomb grouper, blue-lined hind, cloudy grouper, hybrid grouper and many others.

Snapper: Snapper is another common catch in Singapore. Snapper has also many species of fish. You may catch golden snapper, red snapper, Spanish flag snapper, russell’s snapper, golden snapper and john’s snapper in the sea.

Queenfish: queen fish are great fish to catch and strong fighting fish. The fish are travel in schools and sometimes in massive. The fish can be found near shores around the reefs. The fish also travel to deeper waters and in the strong current spot.


Spanish Mackerel: Spanish mackerel is one of best fish to catch. With it long body like a bullet will give a tremendous power when it hooked up. This fast swimming fish is one of the favorite fish to catch in the sea while you can also find in Singapore.


Trevallies: trevallies are the most sought after fish not only in Singapore. In Singapore itself you may catch several species of trevallies such asbigeye trevally, golden trevally, and diamond trevally.

Stingray: this fish is not the fish that anglers want really to catch. But this sometimes often being caught. The meat is really delicious for BBQ. When you catch this fish, be careful with its poisonous tail.

Wrasse: this fish is common fish both Singapore and Malaysia. The fish can be caught using many kinds of bait including the small pieces of fish. The fish is aggressive and immense power give an exhilarating fight and this experience will make you very addictive.

Grunters: look like snapper, the common grunters are long head grunter and javelin grunter. The fish commonly play around estuaries and coastal areas especially on sandy and muddy bottom of the sea.

Barracuda: barracuda is ferocious and voracious fish. It hunt every things, small fish, jig and it will also cut off your line with its sharp teeth.

Bream: this fish is attractive fish which is among the good fight. This fish is also one of the best fish to catch for beginner anglers and kid anglers. The fish can be catch in estuaries and ocean foreshores. The fish is easy to catch both in land near the beach or estuaries and also from the boat with family and children.

Indian Threadfin: Indian threadfin fish is a saltwater fish which is a member of threadfins family species. This prized fish in SG can be found in sandy bottom and shallow muddy areas near estuaries.

Cobia: cobia is an exciting fish to catch in Singapore. Cobia is an aggressive and voracious fish often sighting around the bait fish gather nearshore but sometimes also find offshore.

Tarpon: Tarpon is one of the great game fish. Even the size of the tarpon in Singapore is not as large as in US. at this time, there is also Tarpon Fishing Pond in Singapore namely Silver Ghost.

Hardtail scad: travel in massive schools, this schooling pelagic fish can be found both inshore and offshore. In Singapore, there are several spots to catch this fish including land base spot of Woodland Jetty.

Pomfret: pomfret is a fantastic fishing fish and delicious to eat. The fish has 20 species and one of the important food sources.

Brackish & Freshwater Fishing Singapore

Brackish and freshwater fish species is another most famous fish to catch in Singapore. For example, Barramundi which is the heavy farmed and targeted by many anglers in Singapore. Here are best brackish & freshwater fish to catch in SG:

Barramundi: this estuaries predator are one of the famous fish to catch in Singapore. This Barramundi or also known as Seabass is not only can be caught near mangrove, estuaries and sea, at this time it becomes farmed fish and also fill in fishing pond. Barramundi is a delicious fish both for barbecues (BBQ) and cooking as curry or other cuisine.

Giant Snakehead: Giant Snakehead is Singapore freshwater fish and popular game fish. This fierce predator is really fantastic to catch by casting using jump frog.

Peacock Bass: Peacock bass is a top popular freshwater game fish in Singapore. Being a very popular fish to catch in Singapore, Peacock Bass is amazing and ferocious fish having strong react on lures. Peacock bass is not native fish of Singapore but nowadays the fish presence in Singapore. You may fish legally the peacock bass in Singapore such as in Kalang River, MacRichie, Kranji Reservoir, Marina Reservoir and many more.

Best Time to fish in Singapore

The best time to fish in Singapore is between last of March to November. Whereas on December, January and February are monsoon season causing strong wind from the north. Sometimes it is affect cold water temperature causing the fish are too lazy to bite. But you still can do freshwater fishing.

Singapore Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight fishing is a fishing using the lightest fishing tackle of maximum 6 lbs rod following tackle balance such as reel size 1000 for spinning or lower, 6 lbs test line and 7 gr max lure to target species of fish. The ultralight fishing in Singapore has become popular recent years. It is not how big the fish you catch, it is about the sensation of catching fish using ultralight tackle.

Singapore Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing in Singapore is a fun things to do. You will have the experience of the trill of catching fish by kayak in natural sea and catch the bottom dwellers. This activity is one of the amazing things to do on weekend in Singapore.

Best Things to do in Singapore after fishing

Singapore offers wonderful attractions from historic to modern ranging from centuries old temple, amazing park, world-class venue, shopping, greatest restaurant and magnificent architecture. Here are the best things to do in Singapore after fishing.

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Fishing in Singapore is all about bottom fishing trip and many Singapore fishing charters offer coral fishing package either day time and also night fishing trip. Some anglers also practice light jigging to catch queen fish, snappers, groupers and trevallies. For deep sea fishing, most Singapore anglers fly to neighbor countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Besides, fishing in the pond, prawning and freshwater fishing are also common in Singapore.

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