Handline Fishing Technique – How to fish without a rod | Hand line fishing Method (Handlining)

Handline Fishing Technique or Handlining Technique is a fishing technique in which a fishing line is held by hand and stretched to a certain depth where the spot has predicted there are some fish to catch such as grouper, snapper, skipjack, tuna and many other which are carnivorous fish.The hand line fishing technique is one of the oldest fishing methods practiced throughout the world. This handline fishing technique does not use modern tools such as rods and reels.

The Hand line method has the simplest method where the equipment used is also very simple consisting of a fishing line, fishing hook and bait. Handline fishing techniques are usually combined with bottom fishing techniques, feathering fishing techniques and live bait fishing techniques, but only use fishing lines, hooks and sinker that are pulled by hand and rolled on manual reels. Then the fishing line that has been attached to the hook is lowered to a certain depth, when the fish grabs, the fishing line that is held feels like it is being pulled with a slight jerk depending on the size of the fish. then the angler just pulls the the fishing line.

The Handline Fishing Technique can also be combined with the Trolling Technique, where the set of fishing tackle is even simpler, only using lure like minnow. The fishing method is quite simple where the lure is pulled when the boat moves at a certain speed. You just have to wait for the fish to grab it. You can see our video below.

The handline technique combined with the feathering fishing technique, anglers only need to add good feathers to the fishing hook, while in the combination of the handlining technique with the live bait technique, anglers only need to add live bait obtained from the feathering technique.

This technique is generally used to catch fish in the sea, but there are also those who use it for catching freshwater fish such as in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and so on. This technique is often used to catch bottom fish, squid and pelagic and also a good method for fishing for larger fish in the middle of the ocean.

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Handline Fishing Tackle

The tackle required are inexpensive and easy to manufacture. But making it takes a little skill and knowledge to achieve great results. The handline is very simple and consists of only a few components. The following components are used in handlining fishing techniques:

  • 1. Fishing Reel

This fishing reel is a simple reel made of plastic or other material.

  • 2. Fishing Line

The fishing line is adjusted to the size of the target fish. The type of fishing line used in this technique is monofilament because it will not scratch your hand when pulled. The size of the fishing line varies depending on the weight of the fish you are going to catch, for example 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs and so on or bigger like numbers 100lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs and so on.

  • 3. Fishing Hook

The fishing hook used depends on the target fish. You can choose the size of the hook from number 5 to number 13.

  • 4. Sinker

The sinker (tin) used is adjusted to the depth and current. The weights that you can choose according to the situation and also the size of the fishing line are 200 gr, 300gr, 500 gr (1/2 kg), 1kg and so on.

  • 5. Bait

The bait used is generally live bait such as shrimp, fish and so on. But there are also those who use a lure.

Setup of Fishing Lines

The hand line design options are monofilament or nylon main line rolled on a spool. You can adjust the length of the fishing line according to the depth, for example 100 meters, 200 meters and so on. Then at the end of the fishing line tied a sinker. Then a branch line is made, approximately from the sinker to the 50 cm branch line and the hook is tied to the branch line.

For knots, depending on the branch line you make. Do you make the line directly from the main line with a T knot or do you tie a branch line with a diameter smaller than the main rope. You can also attach a swivel to keep the line from twisting. For a series of branch line, it’s up to you how many you want to make for example 3, 5 and so on.

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Handline fishing technique can be applied during the day or night. If you are new to fishing, maybe you can consider this technique because the equipment is very cheap.

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