Maldives Spearfishing: An Alternative Spearfishing Trip off Maldives

Maldives is one of perfect tropical holiday destination. Thinking of combining with tour and spearfishing in Maldives, then the Maldives is not for you. Since according to Maldivian Law, spearfishing in Maldives is prohibited. But fishing in Maldives using rod and reel are allowed. If you are looking for other tropical holiday with spearfishing trip, you may head to Aceh and Weh Island next after spending some holiday times in Maldives. You will be enjoy spearfishing trip both shallow reef to deep sea spearfishing near sea mount reefs. You may check the trip below:

Maldives is a great expanse if white sands and blue waters consisting of over a thousands of coral islands which is the perfect holiday destination. Maldives is one of the most famous destination and beautiful islands in the world located in the Indian Ocean. It has many islands, pristine clear blue waters, long stretches beaches, wide variety of marine biota and charming panorama. Fishing is one of important and big role for Maldives economic. Fishing in Maldives you will explore the great fishing adventure using rod and reels.

Maldives has plenty of fish species with the top of target fish to catch by sport fishing fisherman like giant trevally (GT), yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi (dorado or dolphinfish), dogtooth tuna, sailfish, marlin, wahoo, Spanish mackerel and countless reef fishes ranging from coral trout, grouper, red snapper, ruby snapper, emperor, jobfish, jack mackerel, to red bass and rainbow runner. All the fish can be caught using many fishing techniques such as jigging techniques, popper fishing techniques, bottom fishing, trolling techniques to live bait fishing technique. Big game fishing can be done during November to March.

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At last, Maldives is a fishing paradise for some of professional anglers. Anyway if you want to do some spearfishing in Maldives, it is still prohibited according to the law. But some of local spearo keep doing spearfishing in Maldives. For some of spearo, may be they do not hunt and shoot near coral till damaged since they are thinking about sustainable fishing. They kill selected fish and catching a few of them.

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