Fishing in Pangkor Island, Malaysia: Best Spots, Trips & Fishing Charters in Pangkor, Perak

The fishing in Pangkor Island is a paradise for all anglers. Pangkor Island is an island in Strait of Malacca, about 124 miles northwest of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Major business in the island are tourism and fishing. Its land covered by the forest which is home to 65 reptile species, 17 amphibians and 82 herpetofaunal species.

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Pangkor Island is surrounded by several islands namely Mentagor Island, Simpan Island, Tukun Terindak Island, Pangkor Laut Island and Giam Island. in Pangkor Beach you will see a lots of boats parking near the beach and jetty. You will also see the dried tiny fish and sorting area since it’s famous for dried white bait type fish.

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The good fishing spots in Pangkor Island is off the coast near the rocks. You can take a fishing charter there. For fishing near the beach or inshore fishing is another option either by bottom fishing or casting. But off shore remain better. You catch species of fish such as queen fish, grouper fish, snapper fish and trevallies. Pangkor is also very good spot for squid fishing by squid jigging. If there is a good season, you will catch numerous of squid near the island. Besides, you may also fish inshore such as in Jetty near Teluk Nipah to catch some squid and bottom fish.

Pangkor Island can be reach from Lumut Port in north of Malaysia which is only 30 minutes by ferry. The accommodation are available on two main beaches in Pangkor Island, Pasir Bongak Beach and Teluk Nipah Beach. You see a lots of modern and traditional accommodation and you will feel of living in a natural.

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Pangkor Island is a small holiday island with heritage, beautiful beaches and natural rainforests. There are plenty things to do in Pangkor Island after your fishing trip. You can take a watersport activities, snorkeling tour, kayaking, jungle trekking, flying fox, cycling, squid fishing in Pangkor near the Nipah Bay at night and beach BBQ party after you get some squid. You will need one or two days to explore the beauty and to do the activities. You can also visit some interesting places such as Boat Building Yard, Replica of Great Wall of China at Sungai Pinang Fishing Village, Gallery Pangkor and Dutch fort.

Fishing in Seribuat Islands, Malaysia: Best Spots, Trips & Fishing Charters in Seri Buat Islands, Mersing, Johor

Seribuat Islands or also known as Seri Buat Archipelago is a collective 64 volcanic islands situated on the east coast of Malaysia precisely in South China Sea. It is offer secluded beaches with palm-fringed shore and beautiful snorkeling along the surrounding coral reefs. Seribuat Islands is part of marine park of Tioman, off Pahang Waters. There are popular fishing spots in Seribuat Islands just off eastern shores. It has a great fishing while you can reel in a big fish such as giant trevally, barracuda and wahoo.

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Fishing in Seribuat Islands is a great thing and one of the best spot for fishing trip in Malaysia. You can fish with bottom fishing technique, jigging technique and casting technique. Fishing spots around Seribuat Islands is fantastic with many species of fish to catch. Grouper and snapper are the easiest fish to catch here.

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Seri Buat Islands is located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, in the western part of the country or 250 kilometers east of Kuala Lumpur. The water of this island has abundance of marine life including pelagic and coral dwelling fishes. Besides of fishing, Seribuat Islands is also a great snorkeling spot with 5-10 meters deep and great visibility.

Fishing in Karawang, West Java: 10 Best spots to fish in Karawang, Indonesia

Fishing in Karawang has become one of the fishing destinations where many anglers come from outside of Karawang. One of the fishing spots in Karawang with monster fish to catch is the offshore Oil Drilling Rig. Fishing on oil rigs has become a goal for some anglers to try the sensation of catching big fish in which the rig is one of the fish magnets.

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Karawang is one of regency in West Java, Indonesia, about 50 kilometers east of Jakarta. Karawang is an industrial center. Typical cuisine in Karawang is cork fish with “Pucung” seasoning which is famous for being delicious. The Karawang area is mostly a broad coastal plain in the north. With such a geographical situation, Karawang offers a potential place for fishing regardless of your busy schedule from work.

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Not only fishing in sea spots, Karawang also has lots of fresh water and brackish water fishing spots such as estuaries, rivers and lakes which is known as a wild fishing spot. You can choose where you will go fishing in Karawang either to the sea, inshore, estuaries, mangrove spots, rivers and lakes.

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Here are 12 Fishing Spots in Karawang, West Java:

  • 1. Pertamina Oil Rigs

This oil rig owned by Pertamina (State-Owned Oil Company) has become one of the best fishing spots in Karawang, West Java. This fishing location is located approximately 3.1 miles from the estuary of Citarum and the beach of Sedari, Karawang. Not only close, this fishing spot is also easy to reach from the capital city of Jakarta. There are also many anglers who come from Muara Gembong Harbor, Bekasi because the location is not so far. Not only from Muaragembong, anglers can also come from Pakis Beach. The fish to catch here are quite diverse, ranging from grouper, snapper, GT, barracuda, and mackerel.

  • 2. The location of the wrecks

There are many shipwrecks under the Karawang sea. The shipwrecks are not too far from the beach so they are easy to reach and the spot conditions are not too deep, on average, between 30-50 meters.

  • 3. Pakis Coral (Northern Coral)

For those of you who want to enjoy the sensation of hook up the king mackerel, you can try fishing at Pakis Coral or in Indonesian called Karang Pakis. This fishing location is a former oil drilling that is not operating. In addition to king mackerel, there are also various other fish that you can fish here such as grouper and snapper.

  • 4. Cipule Lake

Cipule Lake is one of the lake fishing spots in Karawang. There are a number of other lakes in Karawang that you can visit, such as Lake Cikadu and Cikelor. The fish that you can fish in this lake are tilapia and snakehead fish.

  • 5. Kalimalang River

Kalimalang River is one of the best fishing spots in Karawang for fishing for Java barb because there are so many Java barb fish that live in this river. Apart from Java barb fish, other fish that you can fish in this river such as catfish and many others. This fish is very easy to catch using moss bait.

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  • 6. Walahar Dam

Walahar Dam is one of the popular fishing spots in Karawang and also one of the tourist attractions in Karawang that is often visited because the place is suitable for relaxing. In addition, visitors can also fish and enjoy culinary delights where there are many culinary stall near this dam. The fish in this dam are quite diverse, such as java barb fish, catfish, and there is also a mahseer.

  • 7. Buntu River

This river is a tributary of the Citarum River in the north of Karawang. You can fish precisely at the mouth of the river with the target fish to catch such as snapper and GT. Beside the estuary, you can also fish on nearshore of Samudra Baru Beach which is close to the Buntu River Estuary.

  • 8. Sedari Mangrove Forest

This mangrove forest is one of the mangrove fishing spots to catch barramundi in Karawang, West Java. This mangrove forest is located not far from Sedari Beach. Currently, this mangrove forest has become one of the most attractive tourist attractions and regularly visited by local tourists.

  • 9. Pisangan Beach

If you want inshore fishing in Karawang, Pisangan Beach is one of the places. There are many anglers to fish on this beach. You can fish with bottom techniques using small shrimp. There is no entrance fee to this beach. The best spot on this beach is at the breakwater embankment which is a favorite place for anglers.

  • 10. Kalipandan Rice Fields

Recently, anglers often visit Kalipandan Rice Field because this place is flooded due to the overflow of Pangasinan irrigation. In addition, there are also rice fields that are rarely planted with rice so that they become fishing spots for snakehead and climbing perch.

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Those are some best places for fishing in Karawang that you can visit to practice your fishing hobby.