Spearfishing in Singapore: Is Spearfishing legal in Singapore?

Spearfishing in Singapore is illegal where possess a speargun you will get penalty. But some activity of spearfishing was found in Pawai Island by local. Pawai Island is one of the diving spot in Singapore which is known as the best coral reefs and very rich with rare of coral reefs and marine life. Mostly the population in the island are fisherman. In addition, Pawai Island or also known as Alligator Island during colonial is one of the best boat fishing spot in Singapore. The island is developed as Marine Park along with Sudong Island, Semakau Island and Senang Island.

Since it illegal to spearfish in Singapore, but there are some people have a license to possess a speargun. Most of them going for spearfishing overseas of Singapore like Malaysia and Indonesia. To learn spearfishing, Bali spearfishing offer the lesson. In addition, fishing in Bali are also great. Anyway, if you are the travelers and transit in Singapore with speargun, you will get into trouble.

If you are spearo and wanting to spearfishing in Indonesia, Aceh is one of the best spearfishing destination in Indonesia located on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. There are numerous spearfishing spot ranging from shallow reef to catch snapper, steep drop offs, sea mount and rushing current precisely in the meeting point between Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman. Find out the trip offer below:

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What happen if you carrying the speargun on luggage and transit or stopover in Singapore?

To own speargun you have to apply a license. If you are on transit or stopover in Singapore, don’t even think to carrying the speargun in your luggage. Singapore has stricter law applies on speargun.  

If you are planning to learn freediving and wanting to spearfish abroad, you can learn to freedive precisely in Pulau Hantu since it has a great visibility than other.

At last, spearfishing is the ancient way to fish and nowadays it is getting popular hunting technique. If you could not get a license for spearfishing in Singapore, don’t be sad. The world is full of freediving and spearfishing destinations.

Spearfishing in Malaysia: is Spearfishing legal in Malaysia, Spearfish Trip Guide

Spearfishing in Malaysia is a bit restrict same as spearfishing in Singapore. To possess a speargun you need to have a license from Royal Malaysia police. There is some places that people doing spearfish, but in the marine park, spearfishing is forbidden. Even fishing are only allow at two nautical miles away from the shore.

Fishing in Malaysia using the rod and reel is one of the best things to do. Beside of local anglers, Singaporean are often made a fishing trip to Malaysia waters aside of they made fishing trip to Indonesia and boat fishing in Singapore as well. In Malaysia they are fishing in Kuala Rompin, Tioman Island and also fishing in Langkawi. There are also many other popular fishing destination in Malaysia. While in Indonesia they make fishing trip to Bali, Batam, Bintan and other destination.

Unfortunately, to apply the speargun license is a bit difficult. If you are happy to spearfishing in Malaysia, you can come up to Borneo. In the Borneo, Bajau people have a great spearfisherman, they doing the freediving and spearfishing around the Mabul island, Sabah. Besides, you will also find some spearfisherman in Pulau Gaya, Borneo, Malaysia.

If you are spearo and wanting to find easy and amazing spearfishing trip in Indonesia, you may fly off to Aceh, Aceh is one of the best spearfishing location in Indonesia located on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. There are numerous spearfishing spot ranging from shallow reef to catch snapper, steep drop offs, sea mount and rushing current precisely in the meeting point between Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman. Find out the trip offer below:

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What happen if you carrying the speargun on luggage and transit or stopover in Malaysia?

Possess the speargun in Malaysia need the license and equivalent of having fire arm license. You can not even bring the speargun in your luggage if you do not have a license.

Alright, hopefully this guide of spearfishing in Malaysia will help you.

Fishing in St John Island, Singapore: Explore the fantastic fishing spots

St John Island is a rich of water. Fishing in St John Island offer great opportunity to catch many species of fish especially reef fishes. St. John Island is one of the best fishing spot in Singapore with great catch. St John Island is a southern island of Singapore developed as recreational areas. The island is very easy to reach since there is public ferry service from Marina south pier just 30 minutes. You can also take a ferry from Sentosa or harbourfront.

singapore fishing

All types of fishing in St John Island will work such as casting techniques, bottom fishing techniques and also squid fishing. There are lots of fish species you may catch by fishing in St. John are trevally family fish, snappers, groupers, half beaks, fingermarks, parrots, seabass, mackerel, needlefish, queenfish, tuskfishes, barracuda and others.

The best fishing spots in St. John Island are along the stretch of breakwater and rocky shore. Surrounding breakwater has a stretch of reef and really good to cast a lures. It is also perfect for night fishing. At the corner of the island right before you reach red beacon, you will see the canal that really good spots for barramundi and mullet fish.

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There are still many places to fish around St. John Island. But keep reminder that you can’t fish at the areas designated for swimming. Another thing you can do after fishing in St John Island is camping (need a permit to camp) and trail along almost 3km where you can see and learn about flora and fauna.

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In the island there are chalets where you can stay for some period of fishing. Fishing in St John Island can be enjoyed for if you stay for several days. The fishing spots are quite a lots and it takes time to explore.

Fishing in Pulau Ubin, Singapore: Best Fishing Spots in Ubin Island

Fishing in Pulau Ubin has an abundance of the popular for recreational Singapore fishing trip. Ubin Island is also spectacular places for outdoor activities such as kayaking, cycling, canoeing, camping and walking around. There are lots of best fishing spots in Pulau Ubin both nearshore fishing and offshore fishing near the island. The best land-base fishing spots in Pulau Ubin are NPCC camp site beach, Nordin Beach, Mamam Campsite, Jelutong Campsite, Pontoon Jetty and Ubin Main Jetty. Another best spots are in the mangrove spot where you can catch barramundi and mangrove jack. Offshore fishing are good between Ubin and Ketam island.

fishing in pulau ubin

Pulau Ubin is one of the popular island in Singapore for adventurous and nature lover traveler. It is known for adventure activities such as biking, fishing, camping and kayaking. Pulau Ubin is located just off the north-eastern coast of Singapore mainland. It is tranquil and really amazing place for kayaking and kayak fishing.

Pulau Ubin can be reached from Changi Point Terminal about 15 minutes ride by boat. You will see beautiful sceneries, historical sites, fish farm and this island is the last-remaining traditional village in Singapore. Pulau Ubin has diverse of natural attraction ranging from seagrass lagoon, mangroves areas teeming with wildlife, coastal forest to wetlands.

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Pulau Weh FIshing Trip

Pulau Ubin was once a granite quarry in the 1960-s and closed in 1999. Fishing in Pulau Ubin is prohibited in all quarries. You will see many granite mining abandoned. Ubin Island is visited regularly by local to enjoy the natural attractions. Visiting Pulau Ubin is one of magnificent things to do in Singapore to see the natural tourism.

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Since Pulau Ubin popular with Singaporean visitors, it was created Pulau Ubin Recreational Areas about 700 hectares including Chek Jawa. The boardwalk built throughout mangrove forest allow the visitor to watch marine wildlife and mangrove forest.

Fishing for Kids Singapore: Family Friendly Boat Fishing Trip with Children Overseas of Singapore

Looking something to do with kids while vacation, you may try fishing for kids. Weh Island is one of the great holiday destination in Indonesia and easy to reach from Singapore. The island is not only known as its beauty of underwater attractions but also offer fantastic fishing for kids. If you’re regularly fishing in Singapore, you may try something different overseas.

fishing for kids

Weh Island or Pulau Weh in Indonesian, it’s also known as Sabang by local is an island in Aceh province. The paradise island can be reached by fast ferry about 45 minutes from Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh is the capital of Aceh province, Indonesia, located in the northernmost of Sumatra Island. To get to Banda Aceh, you may take a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and there are daily flight from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia served by Air Asia Sdn, Bhd to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport Banda Aceh about 1 hour 20 minutes flight. You may also take a flight from Singapore to Medan, North Sumatra and from Medan to Banda Aceh served by domestic flights such as Citilink, Wings Air and Lion Air with 1 hours 5 minutes flying.

We offer complete activities for children ranging from fishing for kids, glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling in sea garden and visiting interesting places both in Banda Aceh and Weh Island. You can check the itinerary of our offer below:

The trip is comprising to fishing trip, snorkeling and tour. The trip will make you enjoy the holiday and fishing with kids.

  • Fishing Trip

The trip will make a memory and watching kids catching fish. Our fishing guide will introduce how to fish to the kids if they are new to fishing. The guide will help them in each fishing spot to make sure they are catching a fish. You and the kids will have the opportunity to hook the grouper and snapper using bottom fishing technique and giant trevally Dogtooth Tuna and Ruby Snapper by light jigging technique.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The glass bottom boat tour is the unique opportunity for the children to see the underwater attraction from a boat. They will enjoy watching underwater lif in the blue crystal clear water.

  • Snorkeling in Rubiah Sea Garden

The crystal turquoise waters around Rubiah Sea Garden host some of the most stunning tropical underwater marine life. These snorkeling trip after the glass bottom boat tour will allow you to enjoy the beautiful underwater marine life and vibrant coral reefs in the sea garden. It will make snorkeling adventure will leave the kids amazed.

  • Tour around the island

Weh Island is not only known for its marine tourism, world class dive sites up to 20 spots and friendly local, but there are a lots of things to do in Pulau Weh ranging from visiting stunning beaches, magnificent colonial heritage and spectacular sceneries. The island offer varieties tourist attractions to visit ranging from marine tour, cultural, historical and culinary.

  • Enjoy the delicious Acehnese culinary

In this program, you will also invite to enjoy the special Acehnese dishes and cuisine. It may be different dishes but it has delicious taste and worth to try.

Our Fishing Boat

The boat built to catch the fish and suitable for family fishing trip. The boat has a toilet, kitchen set for the crew to cook some dishes for anglers and large bed can accommodate 3-4 adult. The boat is walk around design complete with fences to avoid the kids from falling to the sea.

With the well boat design fishing for kids and spacious walk-around, you and your kids will enjoy both shallow reefs and deep-sea fishing trip.