Spearfishing in Indonesia: 10 Best spearfishing destinations & trip charters

Spearfishing in Indonesia has widely known as one of the best place for silence hunter of fish and seemingly unlimited waterways to find every delicious species from Octopus to dogtooth tuna. You will find a magnificent underwater with huge fish resources. Many free-divers and sportsmen from all over the world travel to Indonesia to try spearfishing underwater.

Spearfishing in Indonesia is a game hunting and fishing combination with varied species of fish such as Grouper, Sea Bass, Giant Trevally, Snapper, Tuna & others trevallies species. Spearfishing has virtually no damage to the environment and marine specific species.

Indonesia with about 17,504 islands is the largest archipelago country in the world located in the stretches over 5.000 kilometers along the equator and provide a huge opportunity for spearfishing adventure in Indonesia. Indonesia has 80% maritime area with total coastline over 54,716 kilometers. You will find very healthy underwater and rich with marine life, pristine beaches, beautiful scenery, magnificent rainforest, mountain, rivers, lakes, valley, rice-fields, volcano, and canyon.

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There are plenty of spearfishing spots in Indonesia with various spots condition ranging from steep drop off, vertical sea walls to shallow reef. Here are top 10 best spearfishing spots in Indonesia:

  • 1. Aceh Islands

The waters around Pulo Aceh are teeming with big fish where giant trevally and dog tooth tuna are common fish in great number. Pulo Aceh or Aceh Islands is one of the top spearfishing spots with various spot condition and fish species around the islands. Beside of the fantastic blue open sea and spectacular island paradise, Aceh Islands is one of the spearfishing and big game fishing destination with a lots of spot. All the spots has their specific condition with many kinds of fish species such as grouper, snapper, amberjack, Bluefin trevally, bigeye trevally, diamond trevally, golden trevally, big spotted grouper, and dog tooth tuna. The spot are great with huge drop off just off the shore from the island to deep sea spearfishing spot exactly on GT spot but it has strong and rushing current.

Aceh islands is one of the best spearfishing destination offer you many species to catch. Beside of the common fish like grouper, snapper, giant grouper, giant trevally, Bluefin trevally, bigeye trevally, diamond trevally, golden trevally, big spotted grouper, and dog tooth tuna, you will also meet a lots of octopus, big squid and stingray. If you are want to do spearfishing in Aceh Island make sure you hunt the selective hunting places and fish target to ensure and sustainable the marine ecosystems in Aceh waters.

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  • 2. Maluku Islands

Maluku islands has great marine resources and perfect spearfishing ground with great visibility. You can hunt swimming upright on the sea floor or you may free-diving to drop off and sea wall spot condition with rushing current to hunt powerful dog tooth tuna. Maluku Islands or Moluccan Islands will guarantee spectacular marine biodiversity in abundance.

Maluku Islands offer fantastic spearfishing spot such as Banda Islands which is a group of volcanic islands with beautiful beaches, rich coral reef and excellent spearfishing spot just off the shore. The best spearfishing spots in Banda Islands is Ai Island with the spot condition drop off from 5 meters to 25 meters deep where you can hunt the Barracuda, rainbow runner, GT, trevallies, grouper, red snapper to dog tooth tuna. Besides of Banda Islands, Halmahera Island also offer great spearfishing adventure. But you should choose best time to spearfish and freediving here because if you come during the wind change there are big and swelling waves. Halmahera is fantastic from shore spearfishing to deep sea. There are large shallow reef stretches and great place for spear-fisher to hunt. There are a lots of fish species to hunt from medium sized to big size, from snapper to large GT.

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  • 3. Bali Island

Bali Island is one of the best spearfishing spots in Indonesia with completely spearfishing charters offer ranging from learning how to become spear-fisher to professional spearo that want to explore majestic spearfishing spots around Bali. Currently in Bali the spearfishing isn’t only a sport and hobby, but also to be one of the tourist attraction.

Bali as one of the main world tourist destination and top Indonesia’s tourist destination that well known for its beautiful beaches, rich of culture, tons of fun, excellent surfing destination and fantastic diving spots, it’s also offer fantastic spearfishing adventure. Whether from seashore spot or deep inside of the ocean where you can find many spearfishing charters in Sanur, Nusa Dua, Candidasa, Amed, Benoa, Nusa Penida, Padang Bai and Tulamben. You can hunt many kinds of fish ranging from tons of snapper to mahi-mahi.

  • 4. Sumba Island

Sumba Island is an island in eastern Indonesia part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and administratively part of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba Island has stunning natural beauty and untouched paradise waiting to be explored by adventurous travelers. Most of the coastline is topped by the cliffs whereas in the water, the steep falls and great spearfishing ground.

Underwater marine life of the Sumba Island are great and dynamic. It offers opportunity for silent underwater hunter for some impressive catches. With the deep sea off the coast for big fish enthusiasts you will find a lots of active fish to hunt. Sumba Island offer selective hunting and sustainable spearfishing to ensure the marine ecosystems. The spearfishing can be done by free-diving or also using of scuba tank. The visibility might be limited during rainy seasons and you have to make sure the best time for spearfishing in Sumba Island.

  • 5. West Timor

Kupang is the capital of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in Indonesia’s east region and the biggest city and port on the Island of Timor. Kupang has multi-ethnic group of West Timor and the central of fisheries port in Tenau, Kupang which is export the fish from East Nusa Tenggara to Japan, East Timor (Timor Leste), United States and Thailand.

Kupang & East Timor is part of coral triangle which is the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Timor Indonesia, Rote Island, Savu Sea and Sumba are ideal playground for some good spearfishing trip. With rich of the water you will meet a lots of snapper, barracuda, jacks, mahi-mahi and tuna.

  • 6. Papua

In Papua Indonesia, you can heading off to the southern coast of west Papua. The remote area will offer you a great opportunity and big fish target in the sea. The waters are beautiful and turquoise. With average depth of 15 meters you will see full coral reefs on the sea floor. When you descend to hunt you will meet a group of red snapper, the kingdom of barracuda and other jack fish family.

  • 7. Sumbawa

Sumbawa has a plenty of very beautiful islands along the north coast such as Moyo Island, Sangean and Satonda. The islands surrounding the Sumbawa offer crystal clear waters deep and vibrant wall and underwater volcanic mount which is fertile ground of marine life. Sumbawa is one of the best spearfishing destination in Indonesia where you can meet numerous of fish ranging from grouper to tuna. Sumbawa is close to Komodo Island where many sailing boat are sailing out. With a depth of 5 to 30 meters are fantastic hunting spot.

  • 8. Alor Island

Alor Island has abundant fish resources where you can meet a lots of monsters. Spearfishing in Alor is an old tradition of the activity of hunting fish with spear-gun. Not just a hobby, spearfishing activity is often used as a side to meet their daily needs of fish. This activity is a traditional activity back to years ago. Spearfishing game sport recently have grown along with the use of supporting equipment such as mask, snorkel, fin, and modern spear gun.

  • 9. North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi has incredible landscapes and bring you to discover new underwater. You will dive to impressive sea bottom where the fish are abundant. It can be done inshore by catching lobster and squid. It always a pleasant to experience spearfishing in North Sulawesi. North Sulawesi has a national marine park namely Bunaken National Marine Park, the reserve is protected. For the spearfishing you can choose a trip from Manado and other islands and you may also take a trip from Bitung city, Tumbak or Belang.

  • 10. Lombok

Lombok has a good spots for spearfishing adventure. Lombok is one of the most attractive spearfishing in Indonesia. Lombok has beautiful coral reefs underwater where in the land you will see magnificent sceneries. The coral reefs in Lombok are home to incredible variety of marine life and attracting spearo to hunt the trevallies, wahoo and mackerel. You can hunt between deep blue-ocean or near the shore and meet both pelagic and other reef game fish.

Indonesia is the heaven for spearfishing adventure. Spearfishing in Indonesia offer a very wide opportunity for those silent underwater hunter to experience hunting big fish ranging from Jurassic size of tunas, big GT, wahoo, billfish to the legendary of giant dog tooth tuna in various sea condition and rich with marine life.

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