Spearfishing in Amed Bali, A Guide to Amed Spearfishing Trip Charter & Freediving, Best Spots & Time to Visit

Spearfishing in Amed Bali is the most attractive Bali spearfishing trip. Amed is well-known as perfect destination with relaxed holiday and great place for free diver, surfer, scuba diver, fisherman and spearfishing enthusiast. Amed is also one of the best place in Bali to learn for spearfishing.

Amed is a fishing village that become as one of popular tourist destinations in Bali located in eastern Bali. This place is the great place to see underwater world, beautiful natural landscapes, stunning authentic places and great place to escape from the crowd of Bali. There are many best things to do in Amed ranging from diving to spearfishing.

As a fishing village, Amed is also popular as Bali deep sea fishing offer amazing Indonesia fishing trip with local fisherman using Bali traditional boats. The fishing in Amed mostly done off shore as the local community maintain the sustainable fishing. By many types of fishing method, there are lots of species fish to catch ranging from mahi-mahi, tuna, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna to many other types of fish in Bali.

Amed is one of the best place to learn freediving and spearfishing. You can learn safety basic and hunting technique in shallow waters. You will also learn how to use speargun and aiming the target. Hunting and catching the fish is absolutely depend on your skill.

Amed is also a perfect place for deep sea spearfishing trip especially in FAD’s where you can hunt in the school of larger fish. It’s attract many pelagic to stay near FAD’s such as mahi-mahi, wahoo, rainbow runner, tuna, skipjack to sailfish.

You can also spearfish beyond the cliff with the condition of steep slope where many pelagic hunting the prey. This place is perfect to hunt variety of fish such as dogtooth tuna, giant trevally (GT), wahoo, barracuda, emperor fish, amberjack, rainbow runner and other reef fish.

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Best things to do in Amed after spearfishing

Amed is a relax place for vacation in Bali and perfect place for marine activities with stunning sceneries. This authentic Bali offer many things to do.

  • 1. Scuba Diving

Amed is a paradise of Bali diving with crystal clear water, cam and rich in marine life. Scuba diving is the top reasons tourist visiting Amed. There are variety of dive sites in Amed and great underwater playground to see lots of marine life. You can enjoy muck diving, wreck dive to reef diving.

Amed is suitable for all level divers with calm water, amazing coral reefs and diverse marine life. You can also do wreck dive in Liberty shipwreck which is a popular dive sites in Tulamben. It is just a short distance from Amed. You can see lots of things ranging from ghost pipe fish, reef sharks, blue spotted stingrays and school of fish.

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  • 2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Amed is another great things to see vibrant marine life, house reefs and other. Jemeluk Bay and house reef are among the popular snorkeling spots in Amed Bali where you can see variety of coral, underwater temple, turtles and many more. Amed is one of the best snorkeling spots in Bali among with others such as Manta Point in Nusa Penida and Padangbai.

  • 3. Fishing

Enjoy traditional fishing trip in Amed using jukung boat. You can easy doing jigging fishing or bottom fishing to catch delicious reef fish. You will see dozens of Jukung park on the beach. this will be amazing experience for some tourists.

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  • 4. Relax on the beach

You can spend longer time on the beach. The beach in Amed generally black sand and different from other beaches in Bali, but the coastline is unique and great view. You can relax in the beach after snorkeling or other beach activities.

  • 5. Enjoy sunset from the height

Sunset point is one of the best spot to watch sunset in Amed. It’s also one of glorious sunset spots in Bali. You can climb up to the viewpoint where you can see the outdoor café serve drinks and Bali foods on a cliff. You will see dramatic sunset goes down along the side of Mount Agung.

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Besides, there are still many other activities to do after spearfishing in Amed Bali. There are many best place to visit in Amed Bali.

Spearfishing in Padang Bai Bali: A guide to Padangbai Spearfishing Trip & Charter & Diving Spots

Spearfishing in Padang Bai Bali is allowed in certain areas. Doing spearfishing trip in Padangbai you will have a wide opportunity to hunt for giant trevally (GT), wahoo, dogtooth tuna, grouper, snapper to lobster. Padang Bai is one of the best spearfishing spots in Bali and also one of the best dive sites in Bali offer fantastic macro dive spot and rich in marine life.

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Padang Bai is a small town where the ferry port to Lombok, Nusa Penida and Gili Islands. This town has a beautiful bay with a nice cape namely Tanjung Sari. There are two main beach in this area namely Padang Kurungan Beach which is well known as underwater attractions with full of soft coral locared in the east whereas other beach namely Padangbai Blue Lagoon or Bias Tugel by local name. this while sand beach has long stretches with turquoise and very clear water.

Diving and snorkeling are among the best things to do in Padangbai Bali. It has beautiful stretches of white sand beach offer perfect dive sites in Padang Bai. Besides, spearfishing in Padang Bai is a great things to do where the spots are perfect both beginner to learn or taking spearfishing course and advanced spearo or silent hunter underwater.

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Padangbai is one of the best dive sites in Bali with its rich in marine life and best muck and macro dive. Padang bai has many dive spot up to 10 dive sites namely Blue Lagoon, Jetty, Secret Jepun, White Sand, Ferry Channel, Tanjung Sari, Labuan Amuk, Tanah Ampoe, Shark Point and many more. The dive site offer many things to see including white tip shark, green turtles, macro, shrimp, Spanish dancer, pelagic, nudibranch, pipefish, cat shark, pygmy sea horse, rays and school of fish.

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Padang Bai is also perfect for snorkeling and free diving where the water is very clear. There are many great snorkeling spot teeming with reefs, good coral and calm waters. This place is good for family vacation especially with kids where they can swim in shallow water with no current.

Padangbai is also known as fishing villages, besides perfect for diving to see collections of marine life and rare biota, it’s also nice spearfishing location where you can find variety of fish. You can spear from shallow reef to slope of sea walls where many pelagic.

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Spearfishing in Padang Bai offer amazing experience with some favorite spot plenty of beautiful reel and fish. You can speared to some delicious fish for lunch or big fish for great sensation of spearfish. If you want to get more adventure, you can go out to Gili Tepekong which is the cluster of four island but only for professional spear fisherman.

Spearfishing in Uluwatu Bali: A Guide to Uluwatu Spearfishing Trip & Charter

Spearfishing in Uluwatu Bali is more challenging where the waves are perfect for surfer. There are quite lots of fish and species. The fish are playing around the currents where the pelagic hunt for prey. You have to be careful while spearfishing in Uluwatu and also in Bali where some of Bali spearfishing spots are only suitable for advanced and professional spearo.

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Uluwatu is the hilly peninsula on the southern Bali with it’s world class surf breaks. It has beautiful limestones cliffs, white sand beaches, blue water and way from the crowd. The place is also popular with its clifftop temple offer magnificent sunset where the visitor can see the performing Kecak dance during sunset.

Uluwatu is also one of good start for fishing trip Bali. Beside of perfect place to ride consistent swell wave, fishing in Uluwatu is also good to catch some fish. You can enjoy your holiday in Bali with many activities including fishing and spearfishing.

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Spearfishing in Uluwatu where you can hunt beyond the waves which is good for adventure spear fisherman. There are many variety of fish you can hunt including giant trevally, unicorn fish, grouper, snapper, wahoo to tuna.

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The water in Uluwatu has rich in reef fish and good for experience spear fisher and free divers. Drifting water are perfect for pelagic and you can hunt for delicious tropical fish.

Spearfishing in Uluwatu can be done by free dive and hunt silently underwater. You are tend to be hold the long breath for successful spearfishing trip in this area. Anyway, you can also have other great things to do in Uluwatu after spearfishing and surfing.