Fishing in Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh is the capital of Aceh Province, Indonesia. The city are known as waterfront city and the center of fisheries business in Aceh through the big international fishing port in Lampulo. Waters in Banda Aceh are a heaven for the fishing man. Banda Aceh Fishing spot are spread out where the fisherman from Banda Aceh usually depart to fish from Lampulo Fishing Village, Ulee Lheue Fishing Village, Deah Tengoh and Alue Naga.

At the time of the Tsunami on last December 2004 affected the areas included Lampulo, Ulee Lheue and Alue Naga where the wave of the tsunami up to a height of 30 meters. At this time, the area in Banda Aceh become an interesting spot for fishing activity both onshore fishing and boat fishing in the middle of the sea.

Fishing in Banda Aceh has become a great hobby and livelihood for many people in Banda Aceh and at this time many the foreign tourist are flocking to Banda Aceh to fish. There are a lot of the fishing shop in Banda Aceh where you can get the fishing stuff like the artificial baits and rod. There are also a local handmade artificial bait such as Squid Bait with feathers are essential for catching tuna such as Bigeye. If you are interesting to catch the huge tuna, giant trevally or giant grouper in Banda Aceh, we are providing the fishing tour package below:

To get to Banda Aceh which is located at the tip of Sumatra where you can reach by air through Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport. The international airline fly to Banda Aceh including Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Firefly from Penang and Malindo from Penang. Besides there are also domestic flight such as Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta and Medan, Citilink from Jakarta and Medan, Batik Air from Jakarta and Lion Air from Jakarta and Medan. After reaching the Banda Aceh International Airport, you may hire the transport from us below:

For catching the species of fish in Banda Aceh, you may put your target fish to catch because sometimes the species of the fish you want to catch doesn’t play together in one spot with other species of fish. If you are planning to catch the Tuna, there are many species of Tuna prowling the seas of Banda Aceh. For example Bigeye Tuna, which is the rarest breeds of fishes in the world but are in abundance in Banda Aceh’s waters. Besides the tuna, there are also abundance of coral fish in the waters of Banda Aceh, such as grouper and snapper with variety of species.