Fishing in Aceh Island – Top Aceh Island Fishing Spot

Pulau Aceh or Aceh Island is an archipelago in Aceh consists of several islands with two biggest islands namely Pulo Breueh or Breueh Island and Pulo Aceh. Another popular island in Aceh Island such Pulo Bunta, Pulo Batee and Pulo Keureusek are among the amazing spot fishing in Aceh Island. Aceh Island administratively part of Aceh Besar Regency and it close to Banda Aceh which the capital of Aceh Province, Indonesia. Aceh Island is not only popular as fishing destination in Aceh but also the hidden paradise where you can see the tourism before it develops. The beaches are breathtaking with fantastic sea garden such as Meulige Sea Garden and many other sea garden that has not discovered yet. The diving are also amazing in this island such as in the southern part of Bunta Island has amazing underwater attractions with abundant marine life. The dive spot in Aceh Island has not discovered yet. But we has some data that our friend has been diving in several spot in these islands and we will come back there with dive gear and mark the spot there. If you are want to discover the island, it offers stunning scenery of natural beauty, virgin forest and breathtaking view.

Most of people in Aceh Island are fisherman and Aceh Island Fishing spot are really popular among Aceh people. The fisherman from Banda Aceh are going to Aceh Island for fishing regularly to catch the exported fishes such as Tuna and Grouper. The fisherman depart from Lampulo Fishing Village and Ulee Lheue and drop the fishes in Lampulo Intenational Fishing Port. Besides the exported fishes, the consumption fishes are also drop a lots in Lampulo Fishing Port. You will see the Puffer Fish, Tup Fish, Sardine, swordfish, pompano and many other kinds of fishes.

Sport Fishing in Aceh Island is one of the greatest sport fishing area. It can be the delicious favorite fun fishing area. The fishing spot for some people for extremely pleasurable certainly and really give experience regarding sport fishing tour. There are many hot popping and jigging spot in Aceh Island with many species of bait lure to attract the big predators such as Giant Trevally, Yellow Fin Tuna and also Swordfish. If you are interesting to test your adrenaline in this fishing spot, make sure you book the fishing tour to Aceh Island with us, check out the itinerary below:

Getting to Aceh Island

Actually, there is a slow ferry leave to Pulo Aceh or sometimes called Pulo Nasi at 08.00 from Ulee Lheue ferry harbor. The ferry leave from Ulee Lheue port to Lamteng port in Pulo Nasi. The schedule sometimes changed depends on conditions and weather. You may check it first in Ulee Lheue harbor.

Aceh Island Fishing Spot

There are many great fishing spot in Aceh Island we already mark it. Mostly the spot has no name. we will let you know some fishing spot in Aceh Island below:

  1. Bateelheeblah Island, Pulo Breueh

Pulo Batee LheeBlah or Benggala Island is one of the outer islands of Indonesia located on the Indian Ocean part of Pulo Breueh precisely between Bengal Bay in the northwest and the Andaman Sea in the north. Go a bit far to Indian Ocean from this island, there is a fantastic big fish spot where you can hook the big tuna, Giant Trevally and Sword fish.

  • Pulo Nasi

Nasi Island is one of the island in Pulo Aceh located in the eastern part. Pulo Nasi is a natural paradise with stunning beaches and jungles. Pulo Nasi is one of the best fishing destination offer big fish fishing game. The fishing spots are spread out in the eastern and southern part of the island. If you are planning to catch the yellow fin tuna and Big eye tuna, Nasi Island is the exact place. In this place there a large number squid and cuttlefish can be found.

  • Pulo Bunta

In the island, there are no monkey, squirrel or snake. The island is very perfect place for camping and also snorkeling. The island offer fantastic fishing spot, Grouper and snapper are among the common fish to hook here.

  • Pulo Keureusek

Pulo Keureusek is an island in Aceh Island offer beautiful beaches. There is no accommodation on this island. the fishing near this island are amazing, there are several fishing spot in this island are good with popping, the large grouper are easy to catch.

  • Pulo Sidom or Batee Island

Pulo Sidom or known as Batee Island is uninhabited island in Aceh Island with 4 kilometer long. The island has breathtaking beach and caves. The island is close to Bunta Island, this island also spread out several best fishing spot to catch Giant Trevally, Mackerel, Grouper and Ruby Snapper.