Squid Fishing Charter & Trip in Aceh and Sabang, Indonesia (Pulau Weh)

Squid fishing charter in Aceh is one of the great option for squid hunter to go out in a boat during holiday in Aceh or in Weh Island. Cuttlefish or calamari is one of easier fish to catch. However, squid fishing is available all year around, mostly in Sabang, Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar.

Squid Fishing Charter & Trip in Aceh, Indonesia

Squid fishing in Aceh Indonesia are spectacular fishing in abundance and large number of squids & cuttlefish. The waters around Aceh are productive fisheries with beautiful panoramic of the nature and landscapes. Aceh has rich marine biota and abundant fish resource.

The squid bite better in early morning and late evening. But the best time to fish the squid is at night because the fish is nocturnal and being active at night. The squid or calamari is very strong react on light and easy to catch using squid jig luminous or glow in dark. You will have higher opportunity to catch more squid during high tide and full moon.

Squid fishing & Combine trip of reef fishing & Tour

You can also combine the squid fishing trip with reef fish fishing to catch grouper and snapper and also some tour around Weh Island, Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar. For example, 2 day tour, 1 day reef fishing & 1 night squid fishing trip.


Experience some of different BBQ, we will make some delicious squid cooking or squid grill BBQ. The squid is low calorie and rich of nutrient such as protein, calcium and vitamin. So you need no worries to consume the squid seafood at night.


  • Learning the squid fishing if you are still new to this squid fishing technique.
  • Exploring magnificent places and great squid fishing spot around Aceh, Indonesia
  • Enjoying your fishing time.
  • Enjoying BBQ and special culinary.
  • Enjoying your holiday time.

Basic Information

  • Boat Capacity: 6 persons is better to avoid the crowd while fishing.
  • Arrival/Departure: Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport
  • Squid Fishing Charter: Individual & Small Group up to 6 angler.


  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Ferry Tickets
  • Soft Drink
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Eging Equipment
  • Squid Jig
  • Boat, Captain & Crew
  • Admission Fee
  • Insurance


  • Flight tickets
  • Tipping
  • Personal Expenses

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Best Places to visit after Squid Fishing Trip

Sumur Tiga Beach: Sumur Tiga Beach is a long white sand beaches in Weh Island and popular with its beautiful landscape and beachfront resort. This beach is one of a must-visit beach in Sabang and best place to see the magnificent sunrise.

Iboih Beach: Iboih Beach is one of the most popular marine tourist attraction in Weh Island. This place is the main hub for scuba diving and snorkeling to Rubiah sea garden. The beach is white sand beach overview to Rubiah Island with its blue crystal clear water.

Gapang Beach: Gapang Beach is a white sand beach with its shady trees along the beach. The beach has several diving operator and very close to magnificent macro diving spot in Weh Island. The beach has beautiful panoramic with clear blue water.

Sarang Cave: Sarang Cave is a sea side caves with beautiful view located down the green hill. It has 4 caves mouth overlooking to Indian Ocean. The cave formed naturally where you may enter the cave by boat.

Japanese Bunker: Japanese Bunker is a historical places which is a fortress located about the hills. Upon arrival in the bunker, you will see fantastic panoramic view of open sea and blue clear water near the beach.

Rubiah Island: Rubiah Island is an island in Weh Island which is one of the popular marine tourism. The island is very popular with its wonderful underwater attraction of Rubiah Sea Garden. There are lots of rare fish species can be found in the sea garden.

Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument: Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monumen is the mark of Indonesian starting point in the most western tip of Indonesia. You will see beautiful view from the monument. In addition, the monument is one of the best place to see dramatic sunset in Weh Island.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque: Baturrahman Grand Mosque is one of the beautiful mosque in Indonesia. It has impressive architecture combining European and middle-east architecture.

Aceh State Museum: Aceh State Museum is one of the oldest museum in Indonesia that display many traditional house hold, artefact, antiques, manuscript and historical items. The main building of the museum is in the form of Acehnese Traditional House.

PLTD Apung: PLTD Apung is the tsunami remaining monument which is the electric vessel stranded on land about 4,5 kilometers from the sea. The ship was swept away by tsunami waves on 2004. This monument is one of the evidence of the big natural disaster of earthquake and tsunami in Aceh.

Tsunami Museum: Tsunami Museum is the tsunami memorial museum to remembering the tsunami and earthquake disaster on 2004 in Indonesia that killed about 170,000 people during the catastrophe.

Lampuuk Beach: Lampuuk beach is long white sand beach in Aceh. Lampuuk is one of the most interesting places to visit in Aceh. The beach overlooking to Indian Ocean with beautiful view of the hill and the stretches of long white sand beach.

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Squid Fishing Charter in Aceh Indonesia

All year round available fishing trip and suitable for EGI fisherman targeting giant squid. Fisherman is allow to catch number of squids and cuttlefish. Squid resources are quite great number since the fish keep on reproducing. This squid fishing trip become one of interesting experience activity for tourist or fisherman who come to Aceh Indonesia.