Fishing in Banyak Islands

Banyak Islands or commonly called Pulau Banyak in Indonesian is the archipelago consists of 99 islands. The island offer spectacular marine tourism with variety of activities included fishing. Fishing in Banyak Islands are great things to do. The island has abundant marine life and vast sea gardens. Banyak Islands is located in the western coast of Sumatra Island, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

The vast water area of Banyak Islands is very ideal for recreational sport fishing. Banyak Island is become one of best fishing destination in Aceh offer world class fish catching. The spectacular Ujung Selinger fishing spot is favorite fishing spot with small or big boat. Large Grouper at Ujung Batu island, are easily hook up. Other big fish can be caught in this water such as Snapper, Ruby Snapper, Giant Trevally, Yellow fin Tuna and other.

From the popping and jigging action fishing technic used in several spot in Banyak Island, the offshore Banyak Islands fishing paradise continues attract the anglers.

Geographical Condition

Dozens of Fishing Spot in Banyak Islands are not easy to figure it out. In general, the island most are sandy with the existence of substantial offshore coral reefs with many varieties of stony Heliopora and branching Acropora types of coral. The coral reefs are home to diverse species of pelagic and reef fish, variety of octopus, lobster and other sea creatures. For the onshore fishing you can fish at Balai Island. You may fishing offshore with the spot at a depth of 20-80 meters by boat.

Top Fishing Tour

You are interested to fish the giant monster in these islands. We provide the fishing tour to Banyak Islands combination with other great fishing spot in Aceh. Check out detail itinerary and explanation below:

Best time to fish in Banyak Island

The best time to fish in Banyak Island is from January to July where the weather is dry season.

Top Fishing Spot & Destination in Banyak Island

Banyak Island Fishing Spot spread out in many islands such as Palambak Island, Tuanku Island, Bangkaru Island, Ujung Silingar, Ujung Solok, Tabala Island, Rago-Rago Island, Sikandang Island, Balong Island, Balai Island, Haloban Island, Tailana Island and Ujung Batu Island.

Bangkaru Island is limits for fishing due to the island designated as nature park and protected area. The island is also home to many kinds of turtles such as Green Turtle, Leatherback Turtle and other sea turtles species. Besides, other species such as giant clam and dugong (like sea cow) are rare species and protected by government.

Top Fishing Target

Humpback Grouper

Brown Marble Grouper

Giant Grouper

Red Snapper

Giant Trevally

Yellow Fin Tuna