Weh Island & Rondo Island Fishing Package 5 Days 4 Nights

Weh Island & Rondo Island Fishing Package 5 Days 4 Nights is a fun fishing tour in fishing paradise of one of the top 5 fishing spot in the world namely Rondo Island. The warm sea temperatures attract a list of big fish. The spot has very high nutrient levels which is not been depleted by over fishing and most of the marine ecosystems remain in a natural state.


Aceh and Rondo Island are productive fisheries in the world. The hot popping and jigging of Rondo Island continues to attract anglers to this fishing heaven. Rondo Island is located in very strategic line between Asia and Europe lying in Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean precisely out spot of westernmost tip of Indonesia. The island where you can go further out where the area gradually goes deeper into the Indian Ocean, the Marlin, Sailfish and Giant Trevally can be caught. Here the boat have to endure strong tides and big swells from the Andaman Sea to catch huge Giant Trevally, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dogtooth, Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper and many other different types of fish.

Weh Island is fantastic spot for fisherman with smaller boat or big boat. There are few fishing spot around Weh Island which is commonly catching the Tuna, Giant Trevally, Grouper and Snapper. The spot in Weh Island are perfect for heavy duty game fishing. The spot topography ranging from drop off, rocky sea bottom, steepest slopes and deep waters are the best spot for giant predators. Do you want to hook up the Giant Trevally with us? Just tell us how many people are going. Our will guide you and assist you on fishing technique and they will make an extraordinary fishing tour for you. Besides, you will also enjoy the natural beauty, beautiful panorama and nice view of the ocean. Please check out the detail of Weh Island & Rondo Island Fishing Package 5 Days 4 Nights below:

Day 01 : Banda Aceh on Arrival (L/D)

Upon your arrival at Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport Banda Aceh, Our team will come and greeting you. Note:If you are taking early flight, we will transfer directly to Weh Island and if you choose the afternoon flight then you have to stay one night in Banda Aceh. If you are coming in the morning, after we meet in the airport, we will take you to several interesting places in Banda Aceh before we transfer by ferry to Weh Island. The places we will take you to see included tsunami museum, PLTD Apung stranded ship on land tsunami monument, 25 meter stranded fishing boat on roof tsunami monument, Lampulo Fishing village where you can see number of fishing boats ranging from smaller to big one. Lunch at Acehnese Culinary Restaurant where you can have special Acehnese dishes. After lunch, transfer to Ulee Lheue ferry port and transfer to Balohan harbor in Weh Island by fast ferry leave at 16.00 p.m about 45 minutes. Check in hotel, in the evening, we will take you to Zero Kilometer Monument Indonesia to see sunset on the way stop at Gapang Beach for sightseeing. Dinner at local restaurant in Iboih Beach. After dinner back to Hotel and free program.

Day 02 : Weh Island Fishing Tour (Meuduru & Ujung Seuke) – (B/L/D)

Note: According to Acehnese custom law, on Friday it forbid to fish at the morning till 14.00 o’clock. If the fishing time exactly on Friday, we will go for fishing at the afternoon till the night.

After breakfast in the hotel, our fishing team will come to pick you up from hotel and we will get on boat for fishing game tour. Depart by boat to Ujung Seuke spot where you can throw the popping and metal jig lures to hook up the Giant Trevally, Grouper, Snapper and other predators. The team will inform you the condition of the fishing spot and technique suitable for the spot. After fishing here for some times, we will move to other spot near Meuduro where the Giant Trevally hunt the prey here. In this spots, there are a lots of giant predators including reef sharks and thresher sharks. If you hook the shark you should release it again to keep the ecosystem in this water growth well. Lunch in the boat that we provide you the lunch box, snack box and soft drink. We will also take you to other fishing spot if you are happy for it. The fishing tour will take about 8-9 hours. Back to hotel, at the night, dinner at seafood restaurant and we will have barbecue grilled fish. After dinner, free program.

Day 03 : Rondo Island Fishing Tour (B/L/D)

After breakfast at the hotel, the team will pick you up earlier because our fishing game tour is located approximately 15 miles away from Weh Island precisely we will hook the big predators in Rondo Island. Depart by boat to Rondo Island about one hours 30 minutes. Rondo Island is beautiful blue open water fishing area that will offer you amazing deep-water fishing experience. In this island, you will have opportunity to troll huge tuna, marlin, giant trevally, dog tooth tuna and other giant predators. There are many fishing spot in this island and surrounding area in Andaman Sea. Our team will take you to sacred fishing spot such as Great Wall Stone Spot and guide you to this challenge journey. Lunch & Dinner in the boat. The fishing game will take about 24 hours.  

Day 04 : Rondo Island Fishing Tour (B/L/D)

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer at early morning to the fishing boat and sail to Rondo Island. At this second times we are fishing in Rondo Island, we will take you to other spots. This spot is spectacular fishing spot in Rondo Island with the condition in the water cliff steep slope into Indian Ocean and suitable for heavy duty fishing tour. In this spot your reels will streaming out the line and hook up the Yellow Fin Tuna, Giant Trevally, Blue Fin, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi, Giant Grouper, Ruby Snapper, Hummer Jack and other predator. Note: If you catch the sharks you should release it again. After we spend some time popping or jigging to hook the big monster, we move to other spot to catch the Dogtooth tuna, Dog tooth tuna and yellow fin according to our experience never play together in the same ecosystem. Dog tooth tuna give the fast and strong resistance just in second the rod will bend and make sure you use proper string and reel, it strikes the hook to deeper part of the sea and sometimes between the coral. Lunch in the boat, we will provide you lunch box, soft drink and snacks. The fishing tour will take 24 hours. Back to Weh Island in early morning and transfer to hotel to get all stuff ready for departure (please check day 05)

Day 05 : Banda Aceh – Departure (B/L)

After breakfast at the hotel, check out the hotel and transfer to Balohan harbor to catch the ferry leave at 08.00 a.m. Depart to Banda Aceh by fast ferry about 45 minutes. We recommend you to take the afternoon flight to avoid the rush time on the way. Arrival at Ulee Lheue harbor in Banda Aceh, we will take you short tour by visiting Aceh State Museum, Cut Nyak Dhien Museum, Lampuuk Beach, Lhoknga Surfing Beach, Leupung Beach and Lhokseudu Fishing Village where you can see unique catamaran fishing boat. Lunch at local restaurant and transfer to airport for your next destination. Thank you for trusting us as your fishing operator and we will wait for you for next fishing journey with us in other fantastic fishing spot in Aceh.

Package price includes:

  • Transport airport – hotel – airport
  • Transport during the tour
  • Accommodation 4 Night on twin share basis on 2 or 3 star Hotel.
  • Fast Ferry Tickets
  • Fishing Guide
  • Traditional Boat
  • Skipper/Captain
  • Crew Boat
  • Lunch Box and soft drink during fishing activity
  • Live Bait Fishing/Live Prawn (If Needed)
  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Free enjoy Aceh coffee 1 time.
  • Lunch 2 time in Banda Aceh and 3 times lunch box in the boat.
  • 4 times dinner
  • Insurance (Copy of Passport Required)

Package not includes:

  • Fishing Gear (Usually the guest bring their own) let us know if you need the fishing gear.
  • Bait and Lure
  • Flight Tickets
  • Tipping Guide

Package price per person: Please contact us

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We also provide other special fishing tour in Aceh besides the Weh Island & Rondo Island Fishing Package 5 Days 4 Nights with many other fishing spot and different duration. You may check it in our website navigation.


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