Sabang Fishing Charters & Tours – Pulau Weh Island Fishing Trip in Aceh, Indonesia

Book a Sabang Fishing Charters & Tours with us in Pulau Weh Island, part of Aceh, Indonesia. We offer a fishing trip in Sabang Island with the best fishing spots in Aceh located in Andaman Sea, Pulau Weh, Rondo Island and other fishing spots near Sabang.

Our Game Fishing Sports

Our game fishing program will take you to some great fishing spots suitable for jigging, popping and bottom where you can thrill the catch of GT, Ruby Snapper, Giant Grouper, Yellow Fin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna and escolar. We also invite you to catch the big monster predator by conventional fishing or trolling to hook up the Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, King Mackerel and mahi-mahi.

  • Day Trip Fishing

Day trip fishing is a day time fishing package (10 hours) that start from 8 a.m to 18.00 p.m or you may also fish from 16.00 p.m to 9.00 a.m. you can tell us how many days you will be fishing in Sabang, 1 day fishing with your travel duration 3 days 2 nights, 2 days fishing with your travel duration 4 days 3 nights in Weh Island and so on.

  • Deep Sea Fishing 24 Hours

Deep Sea fishing is an offshore and deep sea fishing trip where you can stay on boat and fish for 24 hours or take a break in the room and fish again. You can tell us how many days you will be fishing. 2 days, 3 days and so on.

Package & Fishing Trip Prices: The package & fishing tour price is depend on how many days you will fish according to your fishing request. Please let us know via Our Company WhatsApp Number +6285360131941 or e-mail us we will let you know the price.

Price Include:

  • Aircond Transport
  • Twin Sharing Hotel for a day trip fishing tour package.
  • Traditional Fishing Boat
  • Captain/Skipper
  • Boat Crew
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Ferry Ticket
  • Bait (bottom)
  • Insurance (Copy of passport required)

Price Not Included:

  • Fishing Gear (usually the fisherman brings their own, please let us know if you need the gear)
  • Lure/Bait (artificial)
  • Air Ticket
  • Tips

Our Fleet:

We have several boat, 12 meters traditional boat, 15 meters and 18 meters depending on the fishing trip you wish and conditions.

The best time for fishing

The best time to fish in Sabang you may asking us for further information.

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Fishing in Sabang Weh Island is one one the most exciting activities besides of Diving, Snorkeling and dolphin watching. Sabang Island has many fishing spots that offer a great fun fishing game for anglers.

Weh Island or also called Sabang Island is a small volcanic island located northwest of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It is located on the Andaman Sea at the entrance to the Straits of Malacca. The island is known for its ecosystem. The government has declared 60 square kilometers of land and sea as conservation areas. Extremely rare species such as megamouth shark are found on the island and the coral reefs around the island are known for their variety of fish with over 600 species of fish.

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At certain seasons you can see the whale sharks. Clear sea water surrounds the island with full of the beautiful coral reefs. The island is truly a spectacular tropical paradise with beautiful natural scenery. Diving activities in Sabang are the most popular recreational activities that offer world-class diving. In addition, snorkeling, dolphin watching, swimming and fishing are incredible activity as Sabang is one the best fishing spots in Indonesia.

Sabang Fishing PulauWeh is an exciting activity. With jigging and popping you can cacth Yellow Fin Tuna, King Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Dog Tooth Tuna, Sailfish, Giant Grouper, Ruby Snapper and Snapper. If you enjoy the fishing, you may book Sabang Fishing Charters & Tours with us.

Fishing in Sabang is like a paradise that offers fun with the thrill of catching incredible monster predators. Here are the best fishing spots in Sabang Pulau Weh based on the experience of Safari Wisata International Fishing Team of SWI Fishing Team:

Heavy Duty Fishing

Sabang offers heavy duty game fishing to catch big monster fish such as Giant Grouper, GT, Dog Tooth Tuna, YFT, Ruby Snapper, Escolar, Bigeye Tuna, Marlin & Sailfish. Here’s the spot where to fish:

  • Andaman Sea

Andaman has a beautiful open sea fishing area offering you incredible fun fishing which is a monster predator barn. Andaman Sea is an open sea in the norther Bay of Bengal Strait Aceh, Western of Myanmar and West of Thailand which is part of the Indian Ocean. At this fishing spot you wil have the opportunity to catch giant Doggie, Giant Grouper, GT, Bigeye, YFT, Big Snapper, Ruby Snapper and many more.

  • Rondo Island

Rondo Island is about 15 miles away from Sabang City. The island also offers world class fishing. You will have opportunity to catch Dog tooth tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Giant Grouper, Ruby Snapper, GT, Bigeye Tuna and many more.

  • Ujong Ba’u

This fishing spot offer fun for dogtooth & ruby snapper fishing.

  • West Seulako

Seulako Island is a small island in Sabang. On the west side of the island has a challenging fishing spots. You can hook up the GT, Red Snapper, Grouper & Doggie here.

  • Ujung Seuke

Ujung Seuke not only has beautiful panorama, but at the moment there is also a favorite fishing spot. It is located about 13 kilometers from Sabang city. Ujung Seuke is a place with abundant coral reefs with soft slope that usually inhabited by porites. Ujung Seuke is located on the east coast of Weh Island overlooking to the Sumatra Sea. The current is quite strong here. The fish you can catch here are Red Eyes, Grouper, Ruby Snapper, Shark, Tuna and many more.

  • Lhong Angen

The Sea around Lhong Angen has many species of tropical fish. Lhong ANgen offer fishing spots to catch pelagic fishes such as Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Grouper, Snapper, GT, Dorado, Barracuda and Ruby Snapper. Whatever your style of fishing, this place willalways have surprises waiting for you.

  • Payakeuneukai Stone

Payakeuneukai is one of best popping spot. You can throw the popper and catch the GT & YFT here.

Medium-Light Fishing

  • Sabang Bay

At the bay you will hook up many red snapper. In addition to the snapper, you can also catch Barracuda, Trout, GT and many more. The condition of the place with deep coral reefs makes you a little sweat by jigging technique. This fishing spot is one of the best fishing spots in Sabang with many types of pelagic fish.

  • Japanese Fortress

Japanese fortress is one of favorite fishing spot. Currently, fishing in this spot is very high which causes the potential of fish decrease, but the place is one of the spot you can try.

  • Klah Island

Klah Island is a small island in Sabang. On the island, it is a shallow fishing area with targeting fish of snapper and grouper. In addition, you can catch bigeye trevally here.

  • Cave

In this cave spot, there are many inhabited by monsters fish such as GT, Doggie, Amberjack, Queen fish, sweet lip emperor, barracuda and other.

Ultra-light Fishing

You like ultra-light fishing with casting technique. Currenly anglers are very interested in ultra-light fishing or UL Fishing. Nowadays there are many ultra-light fishing communities in Indonesia and abroad. For ultra-light fishing spots, Sabang actualy has many places. But there are some places where fishing is not allowed because it is a conservation area. Here are the best places to fish UL in Weh Island:

  • Ie Meulee Port

Ie Meulee Port is one of fishing port in Sabang. The port has sea embankment offers panoramic blue sea views. You can stand near the embankment and throw a minnow.

  • Japanese Fortress

The Japanese Fort is a place for light and ultra light fishing. Here you can catch grouper, squid and blue fin trevally.

  • Anoe Itam Beach

Anoe Itam Beach is located on the eastern part of Weh Island, famous for its black sand. Here you can throw a swim bait to catch pomfret and grouper.

  • Keuneukai Beach

You can easily fish UL on this beach. The water is very clear and white sand makes you want stay here longer. You can catch pomfret, grouper and baby GT in this area.

  • Paneuh Beach

Enoy the fun of UL fishing on paneuh beach around the mangrove area. Paneuh is one of the best places, you can use surf casting technique to catch mangrove jack or barramundi.

  • Paradiso Beach

Paradiso Beach is one of the beach in Sabang city. The beach is rocky and for fishing you should be in the water by wearing special shoes, so your feet are not injured. If you get a fish, you can take it to a café near the beach for lunch.

  •  Gapang Beach

This UL fishing spot is right at the Gapang Resort pier. Here is a great place to catch white snapper, grouper, squid and other fish.

  • Pria Laot Beach

Pria Laot Beach is one of the best UL fishing spots in Sabang Weh Island. you can catch grouper, Bluefin trevally, baby GT and barracuda here.

  • Teupin Layeu

At Teupin Layeu you can fish near the pier. But fishing here is a bit limited, same as in Rubiah Island and Seulako. If you fish a specific fish you will be fined. But this is a great fishing spot.

  • Goa Sarang

On the beach near Goa Sarang is one of the best UL fishing spots in Sabang. But you need to get permission from the owner first if you want to fish here.

You can choose a fishing spots in Sabang for light, medium, heavy and ultra-light fishing. In Sabang there is also a fishing pond near the lake. Our team, Safari Wisata International once tried to fish here while attending an eco-tourism capacity building event organized by the Government Tourism Board.

So, all above are the fishing spots in Sabang Weh Island. in addition to the spots above, there are many other fishing spots. To the east of the island has five fishing spots, in the west has 7 spots where you can catch big marlin and big tuna. We marked this place with GPS to make it easier for us to return to this place if an angler book a fishing trip in Sabang with us. We will update about Sabang fishing in the future.