Jukung, Bali Fishing Boat: Traditional Boats Fishing

Bali fishing boat like Jukung is a traditional outrigger Bali fishing boats that often used by local fisherman for fishing in Bali and it also can be found in Lombok. The boat is not only used for local small scale fisheries boat, but it is also a popular boat for recreational sport fishing that offers the anglers angling experience with authentic Bali boat fishing trip with local fisherman.

Jukung, a traditional Bali fishing boat which recently used not only for fishing trip around Bali such as fishing in Nusa Penida and other part of Bali, but it is also used for scuba diving and other tourism purpose. This double outrigger boat is one of the types of outrigger canoes in Indonesia. It is a bit difficult to sail against the wind.

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Currently, Jukung outrigger boat has three kinds, Big Jukung which is used to transport the cattle from mainland Bali to Nusa Penida island. Jukung Payangan which is a boat popular in Salompeng, North shore of Madura. It is larger outrigger boat for fishing and netting. The last is Jukung Polongan which known in Sepulu in East Java.

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Beside of Jukung Bali fishing boat and other Jukungs boat mentioned above, there are also Jukung Tambangan, a traditional Banjar boat from Kalimantan used in countryside as river transportation. Currently there are not many more of them can be seen since it replaced by modern transport. But you may see them at floating market.

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Fishing by this Bali fishing boat of Jukung are one of spectacular thing. You may practice jigging fishing technique, popping fishing and also bottom fishing technique from this boat where you have a good chance to catch tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi and plenty of grouper and snapper in beautiful waters.

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