Spearfishing in Uluwatu Bali: A Guide to Uluwatu Spearfishing Trip & Charter

Spearfishing in Uluwatu Bali is more challenging where the waves are perfect for surfer. There are quite lots of fish and species. The fish are playing around the currents where the pelagic hunt for prey. You have to be careful while spearfishing in Uluwatu and also in Bali where some of Bali spearfishing spots are only suitable for advanced and professional spearo.

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Uluwatu is the hilly peninsula on the southern Bali with it’s world class surf breaks. It has beautiful limestones cliffs, white sand beaches, blue water and way from the crowd. The place is also popular with its clifftop temple offer magnificent sunset where the visitor can see the performing Kecak dance during sunset.

Uluwatu is also one of good start for fishing trip Bali. Beside of perfect place to ride consistent swell wave, fishing in Uluwatu is also good to catch some fish. You can enjoy your holiday in Bali with many activities including fishing and spearfishing.

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Spearfishing in Uluwatu where you can hunt beyond the waves which is good for adventure spear fisherman. There are many variety of fish you can hunt including giant trevally, unicorn fish, grouper, snapper, wahoo to tuna.

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The water in Uluwatu has rich in reef fish and good for experience spear fisher and free divers. Drifting water are perfect for pelagic and you can hunt for delicious tropical fish.

Spearfishing in Uluwatu can be done by free dive and hunt silently underwater. You are tend to be hold the long breath for successful spearfishing trip in this area. Anyway, you can also have other great things to do in Uluwatu after spearfishing and surfing.