Fishing in Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo Fishing Trip Charters to Komodo & Surrounding islands fishing spots

Fishing in Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo has fantastic ground for every type of sports fishing and you may come to fish on your angling technique across the archipelago to experience the thrill of all of the species of fish. Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to fishing paradise in Komodo Island. The months of November to April will present you the greatest variety when it comes to prized catches: giant trevally, yellow fin tuna, amberjack, wahoo, grouper and mahi-mahi are available at the times.

When it times, the islands of near Labuan Bajo are always ready to welcome the Jigging, trolling and bottom angler whereas in Komodo Island are ready for every type of technique such as jigging, popping, trolling and bottom fishing. Montang island is one of the choice of jigging fishing spot with the target fish of giant trevally, ruby snapper and yellow fin tuna whereas other fishing spot in Labuan Bajo & Komodo Islands are scattered in Sebayur island, Padar island, Payung island, Gili Lawa, Bidadari island, Kelor island, Rinca island, Kalong island, Kanawa island and Komodo island are among the popular choices for jigging, trolling and popping.

Labuan Bajo & Komodo Island at a glance

Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to Komodo National Park and transit place for the angler and tourist who want to discover the beauty of Flores island, Komodo island and its dozens of islet. Komodo Island is the main tourist destination in Labuan Bajo whereas Labuan Bajo is the main tourist destination in East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is a picturesque fishing town and enchanting harbor town located at the westernmost tip of Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara. There are plenty of dive spot with crystal clear water scattered around Labuhan Bajo & Komodo island.

Komodo Island, the Indonesian well known for Komodo dragons and only found in Indonesia which is the largest ancient lizard in world. Komodo National Park was listed as UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1991 and it home to fascinating wildlife and world class underwater attractions. Komodo National Park is one of the world class game fish destination and part of Flores sea. It is excellent for GT popping fishing. Besides surrounding islands part of Komodo Island, are fabulous place for jigging for ruby snapper, kingfish and tunas. Some angler said the Komodo island is an iconic GT location where lots of islets and perfect place for GT. With perfect lure such as chugger popper and floating stickbait where it has natural color, sharp and precise action you will catch a lots of GT in choosing best times. Besides you should find best captain that has been discovering the best fishing spots in Komodo Island especially in southern & western part of the island where as a lots of best fishing spots for GT fishing.

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Best Labuan Bajo & Komodo island fishing spots

The water around Labuan Bajo & Komodo island are full of fish. You can enjoy the tropical paradise and big game fish battle around the stunning islands. Actually there are lots of spot fishing in Komodo island & Labuan Bajo. Including the specific spot fishing such as Three Stone, Payung Island, Crystal Stone, Makassar Reefs, Nusa Kode, Deer Cape and many others. We let you know some of the general places anglers go for fishing there. Here are some of the best place to fish around Labuan Bajo & Komodo island:

  • Komodo Island

Komodo Island is a world class dive site & one of the best fishing destination in Indonesia.  Surrounding by coral reef & coral cliffs are fantastic fishing spot for pelagic fish. Here you can catch the giant trevally and yellow fin tuna. the immersed the surrounding waters and the islets, there are a lots of GT popping spot to conquer with the great catches.

  • Motang Island

Gili Motang or also known motang island is part of Komodo island National Park and inhabit of the komodo dragons. There are some good place for fishing around Motang island.

  • Sebayur island

Sebayur Island is another great place for fishing in Komodo island. with the great spot such as Castle rocks and crystal rock are perfect fishing location. Sebayur island is only 30 minutes from Rinca Island and it has resort to stay.

  • Padar island

A few kilometers southeast of Padar island between Komodo Island and Rinca Island. there is a great spot for jigging where you can catch species of pelagic fish. In the west of Padar island, you can also find the steep down condition with strong current covered by corals and it home to many kinds of pelagic fish.

  • Payung island

Payung island has a great location. The beach front in Payung island has sea caves where the Komodo dragons hide out and go to the sea to hunt.

  • Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa is two small island at the northern tip of the main island of Komodo where you can jigging to catch black snapper and red snapper.

  • Bidadari island

Bidadari Island is an island located in Labuan Bajo which has a magnificent marine tourism where it has  sea garden with full of colored fish. But to fish in this island you must go a bit far from the island because it has conservation area.

  • Kelor island

Kelor island can be reach about one hour from Labuan Bajo. The island offer magnificent natural beauty and great place to fish. Mostly the Pinishi will sail to this island.

  • Rinca island

There are the coral reefs stretches from the east coast of Nusa Kode to the south of Rinca Island. In the depth site, a number of pelagic fish and lots of grouper.

  • Kalong island

Kalong Island is a small island part of Komodo National Park. The surrounding islet overgrown by mangrove forest. Kalong mean bats where you can find lots of bat with large size. The current near this island a bit strong where GT are around to hunt the prey. Beside you can also fish the Barramundi and Mangrove jack in this island.

  • Kanawa island

Kanawa island is fantastic island with gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful coral reefs like a lagoon and atoll offer perfect place for fishing.

  • Tatawa Island

Tatawa island has a strong current condition make the spot really fantastic giant fish fishing.

  • Tala Island

Tala Island is located in the south of Komodo island where very deep water and steep cliffs. Many fish species can be caught here included tuna, GT, barracuda, snapper and napoleon fish.

  • Underwater Mount

This underwater mount is located in the north of Komodo island where the peak show up the surface at about 5 meters. Perfect for GT popping.

Best Time to fish in Labuan Bajo & Komodo Indonesia 

The best time to fish in Komodo island and Labuan Bajo start from November to April where you can catch: giant trevally, blue fin trevally, yellow fin tuna, dogtooth tuna, ruby snapper, amberjack, wahoo, grouper and snapper. But you have to choose the date on the months to avoid tidal. During tidal exchanges makes the current among the most strongest in the world.

Notes: Fishing in Komodo & Labuan Bajo is just for happy catch and release to maintain the sustainability. Do not destroy the coral reef and it surrounding environment.

Top Things to do in Labuan Bajo after fishing

  • Pantai Pede

Pede Beach is one of the beach in Labuan Bajo offer beautiful stretches of white sandy beach. with calm water and shady trees are perfect place for swimming and relax.

  • Pantai Gorontalo

Gorontalo Beach is other beach close to Pede Beach with the same condition of white sand beach stretches from Waecicu, Pede Beach, Gorontalo beach to the north part of Labuan Bajo town.

  • Gua Batu Cermin

Batu Cermin Cave is a tunnel cave located in Bukit Batu, Labuan Bajo with an area of 19 hectares and height of about 75 meters. This place is one of the great place to visit after fishing trip to Komodo Island or other fishing spot in Labuan Bajo, only 15 minutes from the Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo.

Top Things to do in Komodo Island after fishing

  • Diving in Komodo

Komodo island is part of the coral triangle which is the world richest marine biodiversity. Scuba diving is one of the most popular things to do in Komodo island. Diving in Komodo Island is very fascinating. Komodo Island is a small island with an area of 280 Square Kilometers located between Sumbawa and Flores Island. The ancient reptile of Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis) is the cause of this island become very popular in the world. Komodo dragon is a giant ancient lizard that can grow up to three or four meters long. In this Komodo National Park is not only protected the Komodo dragons but also the protected ofover 1.000 species of fish, 260 species of coral and 70 species of reef that make diving in Komodo Island is very excellent.

  • Seeing Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons is believed to be the descendant of the last prehistoric animal. With the help of a professional guide, you can see the Komodo dragons. You can see with your own eyes the amazing of the giant lizards that only can be found in Indonesia and its ability. Stay alert when they are on the beach, keeping watch with the animals.

  • Swimming in Pink Beach

Pink Beach is the unique beach with the color of the pink sand. Located in the Komodo National Park, the beach is one of the pink beach from the 7 pink beach in the world. Besides, the underwater attractions in the pink beach are really amazing.

  • Mauan Island

Mauan Island is beautiful turquoise sea water surrounding by the reefs and the deep blue ocean offer fantastic view for the visitors.

Fishing in Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo is one of the fantastic things to do. Beside of popular as world largest lizard national park of Komodo and beautiful natural scenery, Labuan Bajo & Komodo island are also popular as Pinishi sailing across the waters of Labuan Bajo & surrounding islands. Labuan Bajo is part of triangle coral which is a world’s most abundant variety of coral and marine life and make diving & fishing are among the top things to do.

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