Top 10 Reasons why you’re not catching fish – Why the fish won’t bite while fishing

Reasons why you’re not catching fish. Fishing is one of the hobby and entertaining things to do. But if you’re not catching fish or the fish won’t bite while you are fishing, it makes the anglers frustrated and sometimes hopeless. For many anglers, they want the fish hook up quickly or the fish biting quickly. There are several types of anglers, some of them just enjoy the thrill of catching fish and release it again and there are also the anglers who fish and take it the fish to cook and enjoy the meat or they sell it.

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If we watch on YouTube or the fishing program on TV, how come the fish grab the bait in a short time with fairly large fish or known as monster fish. But in reality sometimes fishing often not catching fish or the fish aren’t biting. You has changed the lure sometimes it still not catching fish, you has moved the fishing spots but it still don’t want to grab the bait. This sometimes makes the anglers desperate, sometimes frustrated because they have bought an expensive fishing tackle but when they fish they aren’t get any fish hook up. Sometimes it also becomes broken heart and make the anglers sell the fishing equipment and stop being an angler.

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SWI Fishing Charters tries to find out why many anglers they said the fish aren’t bite of not catching any fish, here are the Top Reasons why you’re not catching fish – Why the fish won’t bite while fishing according to our experience:

  • 1. Probably you fish during the fish inactive, there are fish but don’t want to grab the bait.

You should understand a little about fishing time, do not spend your time playing with the fish. There are many things that cause the fish to be inactive or not yet active even if you put the bait in the mouth. The effect of temperature is one of the causes of fish activity increasing or decreasing and sometimes fish move to other areas to avoid. Fish cannot regulate body temperature so they are influenced by ambient temperature. If the water is warm, fish metabolism increases, food and respiration increase and there is an increase in movement in general. If the water is colder the fish become lethargic and tend to be inactive. Not all fish are like that, fortunately for bass anglers they tend to be more active in cold water than warm water because it is easier to prey on slow predators in cold water. But currents also carry water with varying temperatures. In the ocean front, for example, sudden changes in temperature encourage the growth of plankton that attracts fish to consume the plankton and invites large predators. This happened in several places in the waters of Aceh.

Weather, moon, currents, tides have a lot to do with fishing. This factor determines temperature and is often used by people in determining the best time for fishing. For this information we will discuss it in the new title. You can read the update in our post:

  • The Best Time to fish at Sea

We will explain the basic factors for determining the best time to fish at sea. For anglers on the river, maybe there is not much influence with this. Only depends on the weather. When it rains heavily, the river runs fast and the water is murky. And for this condition, you should just stay at home or look for other activities.

  • 2. Spot fishing is not right, it might not be where the fish are gathering. Understand the fishing spots and the following spot conditions.

Spot is the one that affects you are not catching any fish. Each angler sometimes marks their best fishing spot at sea by GPS as well as SWI Fishing Charters. Underwater conditions are different, there are places where these spots have abundant fish.

To find some of the best fishing spots in the open sea, you can bring a nautical measure map tool to the condition of coral reefs with rocks in the structure as a shelter for certain fish species with a certain depth, this will be the best opportunity spot to catch fish at sea. There is also the condition of the oceanic trench which gives fish better water conditions because of the temperature of the water which is the place where certain species of fish inhabit this place. The deep drop off also influences where a good place to look for big tuna fish because the fish likes to play with spot conditions like this.

  • 3. Inappropriate Lure

Lure also sometimes becomes one of you didn’t catch the fish. Because you don’t understand the spot conditions, you should be using a jig in such a spot but you try to throw a popper. You will be laughed at by the fish. You must also determine the best lure color in several spots. For example in the Ujung Paneu spot in Aceh usually lure of white-black is quickly grabbed by the fish for popping. The spot conditions if there lots of pelagic fish, you may try throwing poppers.

  • 4. The water is too cold or too hot.

The sea water that is too cold or too hot also affects whether or not active fish in the sea. This was explained above in number one.

  • 5. The spot is interrupted because the boat or other anglers have first fished at that spot.

Spot fishing is interrupted because many anglers first fish at that spot. Because disturbed some pelagic fish and it must be move to another spot. If that happens then you also have to move the spot.

  • 6. Incorrect fishing techniques.

Sometimes, it could be due to lack of knowledge about fishing techniques. Then wrong to apply it. For example in a deep spot that is only inhabited by reef fish, you try fishing casting with Minnow. Surely you are not catching a fish.

  • 7. Fish targets and techniques are not appropriate

It seems that many have explained above, just add it. You have to know the type of fish to be caught and where it plays, so you can apply the appropriate fishing techniques.

  • 8. You lack of patience in fishing.

This fishing requires patience, we have heard our fishing guests from Italy tell us that he and several other people had been fishing in a place in Africa for 27 days on a boat. During that time they only caught 2 fish only. If the admin in such circumstances, maybe not too patient and want to go home quickly.

  • 9. Still aren’t catching any fish, maybe you do not only spend fishing but only having a lunch and enjoy soft drinks in the boat as well as relaxing.

“No fish, having a lunch and enjoy soft drinks in the boat as well as relaxing” This is the language of our jokes when just depart by boat to fish. This means that if you can’t catch a fish, you should finished all the lunch and soft drink. The simple question “has the SWI Fishing team ever happened of catching no fish?” so far during fishing at sea there has never been catching no fish, at least grouper, baby tuna and Bluefin trevally always hooked up. If you don’t catch the fish today, there must be another lucky day.

  • 10. You’re still not catching fish until it’s time to go home, pack your things and go home, there’s still has the day of tomorrow.

You are fishing for pleasure right? Not for profit! When it’s time to go home, you still not catching fish too, pack your things and go home. Tomorrow spend more time to go fishing, the important thing is happy right!

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