Ultralight fishing – Everything you need to know about ultra-light fishing

Ultralight fishing has been growing rapidly lately. Japan is the largest producer of ultralight fishing tackle today. Hereby we want to explain more about ultralight fishing and its ultralight tackle and setup.

For fishing hobbyists, the term ultralight or also abbreviated as UL fishing is already familiar. For anglers who have been fishing in their blood might be familiar, but for those of them who has just jumped into the fishing might ask, what is ultralight fishing! What is the pleasure using an ultra-light tackle!

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Ultralight fishing is angling using a fishing rod that is smaller than usual and has its own set-up rules. Fishing with the ultralight tackle lies in the sensation and pleasure of fighting with a fish that makes the rod curved and a fantastic thrill of catching fish even the fish is less than 3 kilograms. But angling with UL tackles you have to be more patient in fighting with fish.

Currently, the term of extreme ultralight appears again, which is a group of anglers who like to fish with ultralight tackle but targeting a bigger fish than the tackle balance which is more than 2.7 kg. Is it possible to target bigger fish with ultralight tackle? Yes of course, but there are several things that must be considered. You have to be very patient when fighting with fish if you don’t want your tackle break up. You have to use tricks playing with fish.

Currently, the fishing tackle is very rapid development, both in the technology used in the fishing gears, techniques and tools. One of the tackles that are growing rapidly is ultralight fishing tackles.

The following are the tackle settings that are suitable for ultralight according to the rules:

Ultralight fishing rods: Maximum of 6 lbs with a minimum length of 180cm. for example of the rod can be found in the market 1-3lb rod, 1-4lb, 1-6lb, 2-4lb, 3-6lb and 4-6lb rod models. For flexibility or action you can choose from slow (S) to extra fast (XF), but we prefer to choose medium or moderate (M).

Ultralight Fishing Reels: the size of reels is 500-1000 for spinning and 50-100 for bait-casting. Currently there are quite a lot of reels with various specifications. However, the drag was no more than 6lb. for the ultralight reel itselft, there are two types that are commonly used, spinning and bait-casting.

The line: maximum 6 lb test or normally 0.08 mm diameter.

Fishing Lures: 8-12 lbs. Bait or lure for ultralight is generally artificial lure which is mostly for casting techniques such as minnows, mini poppers, crankbaits, swimbait and many more.

Ultralight Fishing Techniques

Ultralight tackles are often applied in casting techniques which are very different from medium to heavy tackle which require a lot of energy when used. With ultralight tackles, it’s no need a strong stamina. Ultralight can also be applied in jigging techniques using a micro jig lures.

Ultralight Fish Target

This one of best things to discuss. Catch big fish with ultralight tackle, is it possible! It is possible to fish a bigger fish. So, what fish are targeting by UL tackle! There are many fish can be hook up with this tackle with different spot conditions. There are bass, trout, perch, baby GT, blue fin trevally, grouper, snapper, mangrove jack, barramundi, chenna or snakehead, mackerel, mahseer, squid, and various kinds of saltwater and freshwater fish. You can fish on the jetty, beach, river, mangrove spots, lake or at sea.

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What are the advantages of ultralight fishing! This angling aiming not for profit with to fulfill the fish box. This UL fishing aiming for a pleasure and the sensation when fighting with a fish. You will be addicted after you try it and hook a fish. Once again it is just a hobby and sport while enjoying the thrill of catching fish.

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