10 Fishing Techniques: Methods & Types of Angling Technique

Fishing techniques is a method to catch fish both in the sea (saltwater) or in the ponds, rivers or in lakes (freshwater) using angling method of sport fishing or also commercial fisheries. There are various fishing techniques such as bottom fishing using live bait such as shrimp or fish, casting, jigging, popping, trolling, fly-fishing, surf casting, hand-lining, long-lining and slabbing. Here we write ten fishing methods that are commonly used. On the other hand, there are still many angling techniques used by anglers in the world.

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Fishing techniques are often applied by many anglers, both fishermen to anglers for fun or also known as recreational sport fishing or game fish. In Indonesia, fishermen generally use bottom fishing methods, with net or netting, hand-lining with lots of bait installed and other traditional fishing technique are still used. Meanwhile, their commercial fisheries tends to use large-scale fish catchers such as using nets or trawling and other types of techniques. In addition, recreational or sport anglers use modern fishing techniques using modern tackles.

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There are different types of angling. For the anglers, there are various types of fishing depending on the location. There are freshwater fishing, saltwater, ice fishing, shore, rock, kayak fishing and many more.

Fishing is a very popular recreational activity in the western and Indonesia. In Indonesia, apart from being a tourist destination, fishing also contributes greatly to daily consumption. As a maritime country, being a fisherman is a big job for some Indonesians.

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For those of you who are still beginner of angling, here are the types of fishing techniques that you can try to apply:

  • 1. Bottom technique
angling methods

Bottom Fishing Technique is one of the most common angling method. This technique is used to catch the reef fish such as grouper, halibut, snapper and many others. This method of fishing can be said to be a lazy way to fish where you after installing the bait in the hook and throwing it down the water and you just need to wait for your bait to be caught by the fish. This bottom method can be done from the boat, on the beach or lake. The main purpose of this technique is to tempt the fish to grab it. Lead-weights or sinkers are used to assist in throwing bait so that it falls deep to the ocean and reach sea bed. The use of the sinker also depends on the currents, you may use a bit heavier if the current a bit strong.

  • 2. Casting Technique

Casting Technique are often applied to ultralight fishing. Casting technique is an angling method by throwing artificial lure such as minnows, crankbait and so on using a flexible fishing rod and playing the lure by retrieve while rolling the line and occasionally you can pull it with the aim of attracting the attention of predatory fish to grab the lure. This technique can be applied with spinning reels or bait-casting reels. Casting technique is also has several techniques of how to cast including flipping casting, skipping casting, pitch casting, over hand casting, side casting and low casting.

  • 3. Jigging

Jigging is an angling method by throwing a jig bait until it reaches the seabed and then playing the jig by retrieve and rolling the line and pulling the rod up and down so that the jig bait plays similar to several prey condition to attract the predator to hunt. These jigging techniques are grouped into several jigging techniques namely speed jigging, slow jigging, slow pitch jigging, vertical jigging and cast jig. However, this jigging is also grouped into several jigging actions ranging from fast jerking to long jerking. Jigging is generally applied in deep sea, shore jigging on seashore using a cast jig and can also be applied to ultralight using a micro jig. Jigging reel is used in hard action class depending on the jigging category namely light jigging up to a depth of 40 meters with tackle of 40 lbs rod & line test with a jig lure under 200 grams, heavy jigging and so on. For the reel itself, you can use either spinning reel or overhead reel with the ratio usually less than 5.0:1. The jigging rod usually 5 to 7 ft. jigging fish target generally are amberjack, giant trevally (GT), red snapper, ruby snapper, dog-tooth tuna and so on. The best jigging time is when the tide is not too high because the fish tend to be active at the bottom. Example of jigging reel, Shimano Stella 14.000, Ryobi Fishing Safari, Abu Ambasadeur and so on. For the rods, you can use a Daiwa Monster Rod, Shimano Jig Wreck, Penn Jig and so on. The jigging allows you to catch big fish.

  • 4. Popping

Popping is an angling method by throwing a popper, popular as a top water lure, and retrieve the popper repeatedly to make the popper splashes the water and make a sound of pop to attract the fish to grab it. For popper bait itself is an artificial lure which is divided into 3 types namely chugger popper, pencil popper and stickbait popper. Generally the professional anglers are very happy with this technique because it attracts large predators and the fish’s shock when it grab it and hook up will force the fish to run very fast which makes your reel screaming out loudly. Popping fishing spots also vary from rigs to atolls or coral island to targeting giant trevally (GT), yellow fin tuna, king fish and so on.

  • 5. Trolling

Trolling is an angling technique in which bait or lure is pulled through the water behind a moving boat. Trolling lure may use such as Bullet Head Lure, Squid Bait, Spoon Bait, Spinner Bait, Trolling Minnow and so on. For trolling itself, it can be applied in the high seas targeting various kinds of pelagic fish such as Spanish mackerel, sailfish, marlin, swordfish, mahi-mahi and so on. Trolling technique has its own sport fishing challenge for professional anglers. The open sea is home to large predatory fish. In order for you to successfully fish with trolling techniques you must know the trolling method and fishing location for trolling. Means, you don’t choose the wrong set up including the choosing lure. The trolling method consists of shallow trolling, slow trolling, deep trolling, bottom line and kite trolling.

  • 6. Fly-fishing

Fly-fishing technique is a technique of throwing a fly bait with a rod and fly fishing reel which is more of an art. This types of fishing is not like a casting. The lure used is light bait such as flies lure. The fly bait used resembles invertebrates or other natural lures. The technique applied in this method is casting that is different from casting in general. In addition to casting that applied in fly-fishing, there are also classic techniques applied namely dead drift, skating and dapping. The target fish for fly fishing are tarpon, blue fin trevally, bass and so on.

  • 7. Surf-casting

Surf casting is usually applied on the coast with a rod length of more than 2 meters. Surf casting uses live bait as opposed to casting in general which uses artificial lures and fish during high tide where the fish swim closer to shore in search of bait. Usually it is very early in morning. A long rod that is used so that when you throw the bait or cast, the bait will be thrown further and land your bait where the waves start where the fish are waiting for the bait. This technique require high accuracy in order to be more targeting.

  • 8. Hand-lining

Hand-lining is a fishing method commonly used by fisherman where the spindle is held with the line. The line has been used with a lead ballast and hooks that has been installed to the bait and throwing down to the seabed to attract fish to grab it. Hand-lining usually practiced on the drifting boat.

  • 9. Long-lining

Longlining is a fishing technique for commercial purposes using a long line as the main line and hooks installed in other assist line in a certain distance. This technique fish target commonly are tuna, mackerel and so on. This method is used in the open waters of the high seas with a depth of more than 100 meters.

  • 10. Slabbing

Slabbing is an angling method using spoon plates either vertical or drifting. You can pull the bait over and over again to attract the fish. This technique is rarely used in Indonesia.

There are still many fishing techniques both used as commercial fishing or also as recreational fishing. Other fishing methods including spearfishing, netting, trapping with many different way to catch the fish. This is also depend on the location where they have their own way to fish.

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