Spearfishing in Sumatra, Best Spot & Destination, Trip & Charter

Spearfishing in Sumatra is legal in most of area and one of awesome Indonesia spearfishing spot with a great diversity and rich of fish species along with beautiful turquoise clear water, it’s make a perfect spearfishing trip both advanced to professional spearo.

Aceh is one of the best spearfishing spot in Sumatera located in the northernmost tip of Sumatra. surrounded by Indian Ocean and the point of the meets of three seas making Aceh has a great coral reefs and has abundant of fish including pelagic predators such as dogtooth tuna, giant trevally (GT), wahoo, sailfish, barracuda and many more. Besides there are lots of reef fish including grouper and snapper.

If you are interested in doing spearfishing in Sumatra, we are offering both shallow reefs spearfishing to deep sea near sea mount in Aceh which has large predators. The boat trip we are offering are inclusive including speargun, transport and accommodation. Please do not hesitate to send us inquiries or question related to the trip or you may also see the package below:

Aceh has an amazing spearfishing locations in Sumatra. Spearfishing near shore has good visibility. Snapper, coral trout, squid, trevally species are the common target. You may also xplore some great reefs out by boat with many common reef fish species and larger pelagic predators. Remember to always wearing hood, booties, gloves, wetsuit, socks and cover up the head to toe. Be mind of sharks and keep eye out.

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Aceh is being one of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia located in Sumatra Island surrounded by emerald water and one of the best Asian dive sites located in Weh Island. you will be fall in love by diving in Pulau Weh. Besides it has plenty dive spot more than twenty great spot, it is also offer wonderful things to do in Weh Island including spearfishing and fishing. In addition to reef fish, you will also find tuna, amberjack, sea bass, red snapper, queen fish and plenty of trevallies.

diving in pulau weh

Spearfishing in Sumatra can be done all year round for near shore. It is also happen the same in Aceh. West monsoon affect some areas that causing big waves off shore, while spearfishing can be done in the eastern coast of Aceh. While the west monsoon stop, spearfishing can be done in all locations both western coast and eastern coast and also can be done in remote islands and off shore spearfishing near sea mount reefs. Another good spot to spearfish in Sumatra are Mentawai Island, Padang, Riau Island and lake toba which is the freshwater spearfishing in gigantic caldera in the world.

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Sumatra is a great destination for spearos who want to do some spearfishing trip and spend time for holiday either in remote islands or in the mainland. You will enjoy the stunning natural beauty, underwater attraction and the activities during holiday time. With a lots of islands in its archipelago, Sumatra is a dream destination for spearfishing.

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