Fishing in Sembilan Island (P9), Malaysia: Best Spots, Trips & Fishing Charter

Fishing in Sembilan Island (P9) is one of the great place for fishing in Malaysia. These island is located 10 miles off Pangkor Island, a famous tourist destination in Malaysia. It is part of Perak State, Malaysia. Sembilan Island is popular local fishing spots. On weekend there are many local fisherman made fishing trip to Sembilan Island.

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Sembilan Islands are uninhabited islands consists of nine islands namely Lalang Island, Saga Island, Rumbia Island, Agas Island, Payong Island, Buluh Island, Nipis Island, White Rock and Black Rock. The waters around these islands is not only popular for fishing, but also diving site with good condition all year around.

Fishing in Sembilan Island is more fun. It has great coral reefs, steep slope coral where a lot of grouper and snapper are flocking and hiding in the crevices and under overhangs. You may fish around Rumbia and Buluh Island where many fish to catch. Besides, Saga and Lalang Island are also the great fishing spots in Sembilan Island.

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The fish you can catch in Sembilan Islands are giant trevally, queen-fish, barracuda, grouper and snapper. Anglers who come for fishing in Sembilan Islands, they are also going for fishing in Jarak Island and Pangkor Island fishing.

There are also many other nice fishing spots in Sembilan Islands. White Rock is one of best fishing spots to catch hard-tail scads or also known as torpedo scads in abundant by bottom fishing. The fish also can be catch with micro jig 5-7 gr, 10-15 gr. Jigging with the micro jigs that similar like tiny fish will attract the fish to grab. May be it is not a target fish to catch, but the fish is great to catch. You may also cast a lure near the rock with light medium tackle to catch some trevallies.

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Sembilan Island is also popular island for camping and nearshore fishing especially in Lalang and Rumbia Island. Aside of fishing and diving, there is also a popular phenomenon sight in the island called “blue tears”. It is luminescent planktons in abundance emits a blue color glow in the dark can be seen after dusk along the shorelines of the islands.

How to get to Sembilan Islands

You can fly to Kuala Lumpur and taking a bus depart from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut. It takes about 4 hours. You will find a jetty in Lumut depart to Sembilan Islands.

Fishing in Pemanggil Island, Malaysia: Best Spots, Trips & Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Pemanggil, Mersing, Johor

Pemanggil Island offers the most spectacular deep sea fishing, located off coast of Johor in South China Sea. Ocean fishing in Pemanggil Island is one of the best fishing spots in Malaysia and perfect hunting grounds for sailfish, marlin and mackerel. The best time to fish in Pemanggil Island is between May to August which is perfect condition both the wind and fishes.

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Pemanggil Island is located about 28 miles off coast the Mersing. Mersing is one of perfect start to fish in open sea, Pemanggil Island fishing, Tioman Island fishing, Aur Island fishing, Sibu Island fishing and other islands opposite of the Mersing. Fishing off the Mersing are great challenging for adventure fisherman.

Pemanggil Island Malaysia is part of Johor Marine Park. The hilly and rocky island has rich marine life and paradise for angling. It can be reach approximately 1,5 hours from Mersing jetty by speedboat or 4-5 hours by regular boat. The island surrounded by beautiful stretch with sand beaches and clear waters. This island are a great place for scuba diving and also wreck dive which is popular dive site in the island.

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For some of adventurous tourist, the island is good place for trekking and hiking. You will see many kinds of birds, macaques, squirrels, flying foxes, monitor lizard, porcupine and green forest. You can explore more of the island like beautiful white sand beach, canoeing and snorkeling in the sparkling clear sea waters.

Fishing in Pemanggil is famous among the fisherman, not only perfect ground to catch sailfish but also great for jigging and bottom fishing to catch grouper and snapper. There are several hot fishing spots scattered around the island. Even it located in the marine park, but it open for anglers to fish.