Spearfishing in Singapore: Is Spearfishing legal in Singapore?

Spearfishing in Singapore is illegal where possess a speargun you will get penalty. But some activity of spearfishing was found in Pawai Island by local. Pawai Island is one of the diving spot in Singapore which is known as the best coral reefs and very rich with rare of coral reefs and marine life. Mostly the population in the island are fisherman. In addition, Pawai Island or also known as Alligator Island during colonial is one of the best boat fishing spot in Singapore. The island is developed as Marine Park along with Sudong Island, Semakau Island and Senang Island.

Since it illegal to spearfish in Singapore, but there are some people have a license to possess a speargun. Most of them going for spearfishing overseas of Singapore like Malaysia and Indonesia. To learn spearfishing, Bali spearfishing offer the lesson. In addition, fishing in Bali are also great. Anyway, if you are the travelers and transit in Singapore with speargun, you will get into trouble.

If you are spearo and wanting to spearfishing in Indonesia, Aceh is one of the best spearfishing destination in Indonesia located on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. There are numerous spearfishing spot ranging from shallow reef to catch snapper, steep drop offs, sea mount and rushing current precisely in the meeting point between Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman. Find out the trip offer below:

You can also check the deep sea fishing trip to Aceh & Weh Island below:

What happen if you carrying the speargun on luggage and transit or stopover in Singapore?

To own speargun you have to apply a license. If you are on transit or stopover in Singapore, don’t even think to carrying the speargun in your luggage. Singapore has stricter law applies on speargun.  

If you are planning to learn freediving and wanting to spearfish abroad, you can learn to freedive precisely in Pulau Hantu since it has a great visibility than other.

At last, spearfishing is the ancient way to fish and nowadays it is getting popular hunting technique. If you could not get a license for spearfishing in Singapore, don’t be sad. The world is full of freediving and spearfishing destinations.

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