Fishing in St John Island, Singapore: Explore the fantastic fishing spots

St John Island is a rich of water. Fishing in St John Island offer great opportunity to catch many species of fish especially reef fishes. St. John Island is one of the best fishing spot in Singapore with great catch. St John Island is a southern island of Singapore developed as recreational areas. The island is very easy to reach since there is public ferry service from Marina south pier just 30 minutes. You can also take a ferry from Sentosa or harbourfront.

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All types of fishing in St John Island will work such as casting techniques, bottom fishing techniques and also squid fishing. There are lots of fish species you may catch by fishing in St. John are trevally family fish, snappers, groupers, half beaks, fingermarks, parrots, seabass, mackerel, needlefish, queenfish, tuskfishes, barracuda and others.

The best fishing spots in St. John Island are along the stretch of breakwater and rocky shore. Surrounding breakwater has a stretch of reef and really good to cast a lures. It is also perfect for night fishing. At the corner of the island right before you reach red beacon, you will see the canal that really good spots for barramundi and mullet fish.

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There are still many places to fish around St. John Island. But keep reminder that you can’t fish at the areas designated for swimming. Another thing you can do after fishing in St John Island is camping (need a permit to camp) and trail along almost 3km where you can see and learn about flora and fauna.

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In the island there are chalets where you can stay for some period of fishing. Fishing in St John Island can be enjoyed for if you stay for several days. The fishing spots are quite a lots and it takes time to explore.

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