Fishing in Malaysia: 40 Best Spots, Trip, fish to catch, Malaysia Fishing Charter & Deep Sea Angling Package

Fishing in Malaysia is a great adventure of sea angling both inshore and off shore to catch biggest saltwater predators and giant fierce predators such as black marlin and sailfish. Malaysia fishing has been one of the great fishing destination precisely in Rompin which is known as migration route of sailfish species and home to largest Sailfish population, the world fastest fish species. It is attract hundreds of world anglers to conquer fast swimming fish.

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Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia with capital of Kuala Lumpur which share a land and maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Philippine and Indonesia. Malaysia is one of 17 megadiverse countries. Besides of lots of saltwater species fish to catch such as sailfish, marlin, tuna, snapper and grouper, there are also over 300 freshwater species fish in the rivers and lakes.

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Malaysia fishing is blessed with great sport fishing destinations. Besides of having world class fishing spots to catch sailfish, there are lots of species fish to catch including trevallies, black marlin, wahoo, tuna, groupers, queen-fish, cobia, amberjack, rainbow runner and snappers. Malaysia has also fantastic freshwater fishing to catch Giant Snakehead, hampala barb, giant feather-back and mahseer.

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Malaysia is a magnificent fishing holiday with numerous fishing spots. Kuala Rompin, Aur Island, Pemanggil Island, Seribuat Island, Tioman Island, Sembilan Island, Redang Island, Port Dickson are among the hot fishing spot. Besides, it has deep sea reefs spot and underwater fish bank off shore both Malacca Strait and South China Sea. This make Malaysia fishing trip one of the most visited fishing charter.

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Type of Fishing in Malaysia

You may decide to choose your next fishing trip in Malaysia whether offshore to catch fierce monster or freshwater predator.

Off shore fishing Malaysia

If you are seeking the your rod bend and reel screaming out loud, you may choose to fish in South China Sea and Malacca Strait. There are day trips package and multi-day fishing charters in Kuala Rompin, Sarawak, Sabah & Port Dickson.

Nearshore fishing Malaysia

There are plenty of nearshore fishing in Malaysia with shallow reefs. Acheh beach, Tanjung Harapan, Remis Beach, Morib Beach, Second Bridge Penang, Kuala Selangor, Kuala Sepetang, and many more.

Kelong fishing Malaysia

Kelong is an off-shore platform built sometimes along with resort surround by the ocean. This place is popular fishing in Malaysia where you can get away from the bustle and spend a few days fishing.

Rivers fishing Malaysia

There are abundant fish species in Malaysia tropical rivers. Giant Snakehead, the ferocious fighter fish is one of the most-sought after predator. Besides, there are many fierce species to catch such as catfish, giant featherback, mahseer, Malaysian jungle perch, barramundi and tarpon near estuaries and many more.

Lakes fishing Malaysia

Lakes fishing are also a popular spot in Malaysia. There are many species fish to catch such assnakehead, catfish, tilapia, river carp, climbing perch, java barb and many more.

Fishpond Fishing Malaysia

fishing in kuala lumpur

Fishpond in Malaysia is the popular and best option. It is dotted around the country both freshwater fishing ponds to saltwater with great catches such as big grouper and peacock bass.

Best Fish to Catch in Malaysia

Fishing in Malaysia has plenty opportunities to catch biggest fish both saltwater and freshwater. Here are the list of best fish to catch in Malaysia:

Saltwater Fishing

Sailfish: Sailfish is one of the most spectacular fish to catch in Malaysia. Sailfish are among the top game fish to catch especially in Kuala Rompin, Malaysia. This fish will fight hard and extremely acrobatic to escape. The best way to catch is by trolling using feathers, konahead or minnow. Sometimes it is also catch by jigging and free line live bait. It is also known as fastest fish in the world.

Marlin: Marlin is a sensational fish to catch in Malaysia, with impressive thrill of catching, the fish are fight well, acrobatic and strong fish. Marlin can be caught by trolling using live bait or lures.


Wahoo: This fish is also known as one of fastest fish in the ocean. This fish can be caught commonly by trolling using live bait and lure. It also can be caught by jigging. Using a wire leader are recommended to avoid break out due to sharp teeth. These slender fish are fast swimmers up to 60 miles per hours.

Yellowfin Tuna: yellowfin tuna are common caught both in South China Sea and Malacca Strait, Malaysia. To catch this fish you may troll the lure or free line live bait in front of the school of skipjack.

Dorado: Dorado also known as Mahi-mahi and Dolphinfish are incredible fish to catch. This fish incredibly aggressive, hard fighting, acrobatic and delicious fish. It is can be hook by trolling a lure, live bait and casting.

Amberjack: This fish is a reef dwelling fish in deep water. Mostly caught by jigging. But it is also can be caught by bottom fishing. This fish is among great fish to catch in Malaysia because their ability to pull and never give up.

Giant Trevally: The giant trevally also called GT are one of the most sought by many anglers in the world. Giant trevally is one of the biggest trevally fish species. This fish are solid fighter also known a true warrior of the sea. This hard fighting fish never give up until you have completely conquered. The fish can be caught by GT popping and jigging. This fish is one of fantastic recreational sport fishing game fish.

Seabass: A species of Sea bass can be found live around Malaysia waters. Living in deep water while you can catch by bottom fishing and jigging.

Barracuda: Barracuda is a predator fish, it is aggressive fish and speed with sharp teeth to kill all smaller prey. Using a wire leader is recommended to catch this fish.

Grouper: This fish are common fish to catch in Malaysia. It is commonly catch by bottom using bait and also jigging.

Snapper: species of snapper are reefs dwellers which is hang out around the structure of reefs and shipwrecks ranging shallow reefs to deep water reefs. Snappers are easy to catch both bottom fishing and jigging.

Mackerel: a pelagic fish, related to tuna, mackerel is aggressive hard fighting fish. You can troll this fish using small minnow.

Queenfish: queenfish are a fine sportfish in Malaysia. The fish can be hook by casting and jigging using small lures. If you are using minnow, you may use sub-surface type. When you hook up the fish, it will fight and moving around.

Threadfin: threadfin fish especially fourfinger threadfin is a coastal pelagic with the weigh 1 till 20 kg. it is hang out in shallow muddy bottom in coastal waters feed mainly prawn and fish. It can be caught using live bait while soft plastic work well too.

Coral Trout: this fish is a tasty fish to catch. There are many species of them such as leopard coral trout, spotted and blue dotted coral trout. This fish are widely sought after by commercial fishing industry. The fish can be found in the east coast of Malaysia and nowadays become favorite fish to catch by light jigging using 40-80 gr jig.

Skipjack: skipjack are member of tuna family, it is smaller than yellowfin tuna and dogtooth tuna. Even it is smaller than other tuna fish, but the fish will give tremendous fighting. You can fish this species by slow trolling live bait or artificial bait. You may also casting over the schools of skipjacks.

Cobia: cobia are found mostly nearshore and shallow waters. It is flocking around the reefs, floating debris, oil rigs and weed lines. The fish can be growing up to over 6 feet in length and a weight of over 100lbs. cobia is one of the target fish to catch in Malaysia.

Brackish & Freshwater Fishing

Giant Snakehead: Giant Snakehead is apex predator fish. The fish are vicious, strong and fierce. It is strong react to top water artificial lure such as foggy and also deep diving minnow. The fish are one of the most popular and aggressive freshwater fish to catch in Malaysia. It can be found in Peninsular Malaysia and also in Borneo.

Catfish: catfish are popular freshwater fish to catch in Malaysia. The catch fish like channel cats are large predators hunting the live baits. But the fish are opportunistic, they eat just anything. They can be caught in murky water.

Giant Featherback: giant feather-back is one of very sporting freshwater fish to target using live shrimp or small fish strips. It is feed mostly at bottom of the marginal slopes.

Malaysian Jungle Perch: Malaysia Jungle Perch can be found in many place in country. The popular places to catch this fish are in Belum Forest, Bukit Merah Lake, Kenyir Lake, Temenggor Dam, Pergau Dam, Endau-Rompin National Park, Cenderoh Dam, Air Ganda Lake, Kuala Tahan and many more. It is one of the most popular freshwater carp can be grow up more than 12 kg, even most anglers caught ranging from 0,5 kg to 2kg. it will much thrill and excitement catching this fish with its speed and powerful fighting. To catch “Sebarau” in Malay, you may use fast retrieve lures.

Peacock Bass: peacock bass is non-native species in Malaysia. It was brought over and find its way to natural lakes. This invasive species has become Malaysia game fish. At this time fishermen enthusiast dedicate their hobby on peacock bass fishing. This species can be found in Perak, Air Kuning, Tasik Chenderoh, Puchong Prima (KL), KG Beng and many more. The fish can be caught by live bait and soft or hard lure such as minnow applied on casting technique.

Barramundi: Barramundi are commonly found at a depth of 2-8 meters with rocky areas, corals, mangrove roots and structures at river estuaries and seashores or brackish waters. Barramundi can be caught by bottom fishing, but it more popular among sport anglers by casting using deep dive type minnow lure with slim body.

Borneo Blackbass: Borneo Black Bass is one of the most sought by local recreational fisherman. It can be found in the east coast of Sabah, northern part of Borneo Island, mainly in Sandakan, Beaufort, Tawau and Lahad Datu. Black bass are found mainly in estuarine waterway lined with mangrove forest. It lives in both brackish water and freshwater. Borneo black bass like to smash the lure. You can casting near estuaries using bait casting reel is more perfect for accuracy.

Best Time to fish in Malaysia

Boat trip saltwater fishing or deep sea fishing are best during July to October where many pelagic predators are actively hunt the prey such as wahoo, marlin, kingfish, mahi-mahi, sailfish and many more. It is happen both in South China Sea and Strait of Malacca. While January to April are also good time to fish where you can target many species of Spanish mackerel, cobia, coral trout, groupers, snappers, giant trevally and queen-fish. May to June is only good to fish nearshore or estuaries targeting groupers, barramundi, mangrove snapper and many more. For freshwater fishing, it will happen all year round, but February to April, October to December are rainy season and you have to prepare for an umbrella. One things you should remember, during March to October it is best time to fish in the east coast of Malaysia otherwise, November to February are better to fish in the west coast of Malaysia, this because during November to February, the northeast monsoon season causing strong wind and choppy waters in east coast of Malaysia.

Best Fishing Techniques

Fishing in Malaysia is an exciting activity. Malaysia fishing can be applied to many types of fishing techniques to maximize your successful fishing trip in Malaysia. Here are angling methods you may applied for angling in Malaysia:

Trolling Technique

Trolling technique is one of angling technique catching big fish using trolling lures such as minnow behind moving boat in certain speed to catch pelagic fish such as marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna and wahoo. This technique is one of effective angling technique to catch predator fish.

Jigging Technique

Jigging Technique is one of angling method to fish in deep sea. This technique has several types, slow pitch jigging, high pitch jigging, long fall jigging, drifting jigging, cast jigging and shore jigging. This technique is effective to target bottom fish, middle fish and sometimes subsurface fish. With this technique you will catch snapper, giant trevally, diamond trevally, golden trevally, oil fish, dogtooth tuna, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, amberjack and grouper fish.

Casting Technique

Casting Technique is another angling method using artificial lure to cast or throwing a lure at certain distance and retrieve to attract a predator. This technique can be applied in nearshore, lake, river and swamp. With varied of artificial lures such as minnow, crankbait, froggy, swimbait, spoon, spinner bait and also soft lure. It has many casting method ranging from flipping, skipping to surf casting with many retrieve technique based on fish target. This technique is effectively to catch giant snakehead, Bluefin trevally, mahseer, tarpon, barramundi, mangrove jack and black bass.

Popping Technique

Popping technique is one of spectacular angling method using by professional fisherman. This technique is using the artificial top water lure like popper, throwing to certain distance which is identified as popping spots, retrieve the popper to make the water splash up to attract giant predator to grab it. There are great popping spots in Malaysia such as in Jarak Island, Ketam Island, Kuala Rompin and many more. This technique are great for GT popping and excitement thrill of catching fish.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is the most common fishing technique and easiest way to fish in Malaysia waters. If you are newbie to fishing in Malaysia, you may try this technique using bait such as small fish, prawn or sometimes fisherman use the chicken meat to catch reef fish such as grouper, snapper, beam, and many more. This method also suitable for lazy anglers but it will catch continuously.

Live Bait Fishing

Live Bait Fishing is another type of fishing using live bait and drifting around the spot. By this technique you will catch many kinds of fish ranging from barracuda, sharks, tuna and many more.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an angling method using an artificial lure called artificial flies with fly rod, reel and line. This technique is become popular in urban fishing area to catch many species of fish.

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Malaysia Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight fishing has become immensely popular with extremely lightweight tackle using line test 6lb, 7 gr max lures such as minnow, crankbait, swimbait, spoon, spinner bait, froggy, mini popper, micro jig and soft lure. It requires lightest spinning or bait casting reel and rod. It most often used to catch small fish but sometimes angler can also be used to target bigger fish. You will get the sensation of fishing using this tackle. Most common technique applied on ultralight fishing are casting and jigging with micro jig.

Malaysia Fishing License, Permit & Rules

Currently there no license required. But there are several places in Malaysia where fishing allowed at certain area, for example, Sibu Island which is allowed to fish two nautical miles away from the island. At present, only rules are in regard to National & Marine Parks that required a permit to fish. In Marine park its self the fishing allowed at two nautical miles away. Fishing in the Tahan River are not allowed to catch a Golden Mahseer.

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Best Fishing Spots in Malaysia

There are plenty of fishing spots in Malaysia both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. If you are happy with offshore action, you may heading to eastern coast of Malaysia where pelagic predators roaming freely and ready to make your reel screaming loudly. There are multi-days fishing charters available in Kuala Rompin, Sarawak, Mersing and many other place. Beside, you may also heading to Malacca Strait in west coast of Malaysia to productive fishery spots. In addition, there are lots of freshwater fishing spots in Malaysia, fishpond, fishing resort and Kelong which is a platform built off shore for fishing. Here are the best fishing spots in Malaysia:

Saltwater Fishing

Best saltwater fishing spots in Malaysia are scattered around the islands and off coast in deep sea. Besides, there are also plenty of nearshore fishing spots in Malaysia like Tanjung Harapan, Acheh Beach and many more. 

  • 1. Kuala Rompin

Kuala Rompin is one of the best sailfish fishing destinations in the world. The seas east of Kuala Rompin is the home to largest population of sailfish in the world. There are massive school of sailfish feed on baitfish especially between March and October. There are variety of fishing techniques can be applied to ensure the catches ranging from drifting live bait, slow trolling the lures to casting on surface within the school of baitfish.

  • 2. Tioman Islands

Tioman Island is a protected marine park and fishing is allow beyond 2 nautical miles away. Tioman is a great deep sea fishing ground offer big game fishing to catch many gamefish such as sailfish,black marlin, cobia, barracuda, narrow-barred mackerel, queen fish and reef dwelling fish. Tioman waters are one of excellent fishing spots in Malaysia for big game fishing. The waters are rich with marine biodiversity which is perfect place for fishing and also scuba diving.

  • 3. Aur Island

Aur Island is one of great deep fishing in Malaysia located off coast of Mersing. The rich of variety fish species attract numerous sport fisherman. There are lots of private charter both fishing and diving anchoring. Beside of popular as scuba diving destinations, this island also become a stopover places for anglers.

  • 4. Sembilan Island

Sembilan Islands is a favorite local fishing destination especially on weekend. Sembilan Islands is consists of nine islands offers great fishing spots where you can hook up giant trevally (GT), golden trevally, diamond trevally and reef fish such as grouper and snapper. You may depart to fish from Marina Island jetty or from Pangkor Island. You may also charter a boat from Lumut harbor.

  • 5. Seribuat Islands

Seribuat Archipelago is part of Tioman Marine Park with collective of 64 islands. The eastern off coast Seribuat is a great fishing ground where you can hook up big pelagic fish such as giant trevally, diamond trevally, barracuda and wahoo. Beside of pelagic, Seribuat also home to species of reef dwelling fish such as grouper and snapper with abundance resources.

  • 6. Pemanggil Island

Pemanggil Island is one of the perfect fishing spots in Malaysia for deep sea fishing to hunt fast swimming predator like sailfish and marlin. It is located about 28 miles off Mersing, Johor. It has perfect deep sea fishing spots offers exciting and challenging fishing trip in Malaysia. Apart from perfect fishing ground, the island also perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking to see spectacular view.

  • 7. Labuan

Labuan is one of great place for fishing in Malaysia. It becomes a spectacular activities after free duty shopping and scuba diving. It is not only one of the best place to hook the prizes of mackerel, tuna and many more, but also fantastic places to catch barramundi in mangrove forest.

  • 8. Langkawi

Langkawi is one of popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Langkawi has fantastic deep sea fishing in Andaman Sea and out of the crowd. There are many game fish to catch such as queen-fish, wahoo, threadfin, trevallies, barracuda and many more. It’s also perfect ground for reef fishing like grouper and snapper fish. The island is located adjacent to Thai border about 30 kilometer off coast northwestern of Malaysia in the Malacca Strait.

  • 9. Jarak Island

Jarak Island is an island in Malacca Strait part of Perak State, Malaysia. It is one of challenging fishing spots in Malaysia offering best popping and jigging spot to catch Giant Trevally. Not only GT fishing, You will also hook up many species gamefish such as narrow barred Spanish mackerel, queen-fish, grouper and snapper. Jarak Island has fantastic spots ranging from GT popping to drop-off. It is covered with coral perfect both day fishing and night fishing tour.

  • 10. Perak Island

Perak Island is one of paradise for angler to catch big predator in the southern tip of Andaman Sea. This island is one of the best fishing spots in Malaysia in the west coast precisely in the Strait of Malacca. This rocky island is perfect place for popping and jigging. There are many species fish to catch like giant trevally, wahoo, tuna, queen-fish, beam, grouper and snapper.

Freshwater Fishing

Malaysia is a fantastic freshwater fishing in Southeast Asia. There are a huge range of giant freshwater species to catch such as Giant Snakehead, giant catch fish, Malaysian jungle perch, mahseer, barb, carps and many more. Here are the best place for freshwater fishing in Malaysia:

  • 1. National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden is the huge area which is a preservation area of many plants. There is a dam for fishing. The spots is tranquil with great view of the forest and very nice place for fishing.

  • 2. Yellow Water Dam

Yellow Water Dam is located in National Botanical Garden, Shah Alam. This place is surrounded by green forest and very comfortable for fishing. You can relax while fishing in this place. There are many species of fish to catch in this dam like giant snakehead, peacock bass, hampala barb, tilapia, catfish and many others.

  • 3. Tasik Bera

Tasik Bera is a natural lake in Pahang and heaven for freshwater anglers. There are quite lots of species fish in the clear water lake. Besides, it has also Bera River that flows into Pahang River. The surrounding areas are lowland forest and the peat swamp forest area home to various species of wild life, plants, birds and mammals. This place is one of the best places to catch Wallago Attu (Tapah or freshwater catfish).

  • 4. Royal Belum National Park

Royal Belum National Park or Perak National Park is a beautiful natural forest landscape covered the areas of 117,500 hectares. There are not only the species of flora and fauna, but also 23 species of river and lake fish inhabit in this park. In this park, there are numerous fishing spots like Tiang river, Papan river, Kejar river, Kenarong river, Ketir river, Berting River, Laho river, Ruok river,  Sanghur river and many more which is offer ferocious fish to catch ranging from giant snakehead to mahseer. You may take boat fishing package to Tiang river which is the most recommended.

  • 5. Kenyir Lake

Kenyir Lake is located between Terengganu and Kelantan which is the largest artificial lake in Malaysia. Geographically, it has 340 islands and 14 waterfalls in the area of 209,199 hectares. Kenyir lake is a popular local fishing spots home to species of giant snakehead, mahseer, catfish and many more. You may find many numerous boat houses and speedboat.

  • 6. Serendah

Serendah is an area made to prevent heavy flooding look like a lake. This place is one of the great fishing spots and guarantee your catch. There are giant snakehead and snakehead fish are hiding waiting a prey in this lake.

  • 7. Tahan River

Tahan River is part of Kuala Tahan National Park. This place is a great place for casting a Wallago Attu and Mahseer. Fishing in Tahan River can be done using a boat and pay the license at the counter.

  • 8. Prima Lake

Prima Lake is resort lake in Puchong. Prima Lake is a fantastic place for castinger to catch giant snakehead and peacock bass. It is the most popular species and being the most sought after fish in the lake. You may fish both land-base and boat fishing.

  • 9. Kg Beng, Perak

Beng Village is a traditional village near Chenderoh Lake. There is a lake called Beng Lake formed from the overflow of Chenderoh flows from Perak River. This place is one of the popular place to catch giant snakehead and peacock bass.

  • 10. Temenggor Lake

Temenggor Lake is the second largest lake in Peninsular Malaysia located in Perak. In this lake there are also house boat for anglers with complete facilities. Giant Snakehead, Mahseer are among the top fish target in the lake.

Malaysia Fishing Resorts & Kelong

If you plan to spend your holiday time as well as fishing, you may head to these best resort and Kelong fishing in Malaysia:

  • 1. Kelong Paradise Waterfront

Kelong Paradise Waterfront resort is a fishing place for anglers located 4,5 miles from Sabak Bernam, Selangor, precisely in the middle of the sea. The place are great place for fishing and dining during weekend. You may see both the dramatic sunset and sunrise from your chalet. In this Kelong, you may catch many species of fish such as groupers, snappers, fourfinger threadfin, stingray and many more. You may reach this place from Bagan Beach jetty.

  • 2. Kelong Aceh Mersing

Kelong Acheh Resort is one of the best kelong fishing in Malaysia. The kelong can be reach about 10 minutes from Jetty LKIM Penyabong, Mersing. The kelong has complete facilities and often visited by anglers both from Malaysia and Singapore. You will get the excitement fishing moment in this place. Besides, near the kelong, it was built FAD’s where lots of small fish staying around and attract larger fish to hunt. This condition will make you have wide opportunity to catch big fish in the kelong.

  • 3. Ah Fatt Kelong

Ah Fatt Kelong is a fishing kelong resort near the Penyabong jetty, Mersing. In the kelong offer lots of activities like off shore fishing by rental boat, fishing, squid fishing and karaoke. For fishing in the kelong, you will catch variety of fish species. You may rent the rod and other fishing tackle.

  • 4. Ah Seng Kelong

Ah Seng Kelong is a fishing kelong resort offer multiday fishing including accommodation and meals. The kelong can be reach from Pendas Jetty at Sungaai Pendas, Gelang Patah, Johor, about 20 minutes by boat.

  • 5. Chia Soon Kelong

Chia Soon Kelong is a fishing kelong and fish farm. The common catches from this kelong along the bridge are groupers, red snappers, trevallies, bait fish and stingray. The kelong is wooden construction. The kelong can be reach from Changi jetty because mostly the kelong visited by Singaporean anglers. Aside of fishing, you may have a good seafood dining in the kelong and sunset view.

  • 6. Kukup Kelong

Kukup Kelong is off-shore kelong with chalet and seafood restaurant. Most of people in Kukup are fisherman. Some of them fish off shore in the Kukup sea while others built a kelong and fish farm near the village and mangrove forest. Some of the kelong are welcome for anglers.

  • 7. Kelong Greenway

Kelong Greenway is located in Ketam Island (Pulau Ketam) can be reach by speed boat from Port Klang. In this kelong, the angler can fish comfortably and can be done with family or friend. The kelong has facilities of chalet, kitchen and other. You may catches common fish here like grouper, snapper, stingray and many more using bottom technique.

  • 8. Kelong Kupang Sabak Bernam

Kelong Kupang Resort is located in Kampung Banting, Sabak, Selangor – Malaysia can be reach from Jetty in Kampung Banting about 10 minutes boat ride. There are lots of catfish, stingray and groupers.

  • 9. KK Sea Resort

KK Sea Resort is one of the best fishing kelong in Johor Bahru, Malaysia where you can fish, dining and kayaking. This floating kelong are great place for family gathering with nice living room and activities including kayaking and other water sports. You will have fantastic dining of seafood BBQ including crabs, clam and shrimp. There are also boat rental for the tour through the Belungkor Mangrove forest. It is also can be rent for fishing trip in the mangrove forest. For kids, they may also fish at fishing pond.

  • 10. Poseidon Oysterbay

Poseidon Oysterbay Resort is a beautiful kelong near Johor river. It has beautiful sceneries and green surroundings. You will see the beautiful johor river and enjoy nice sunset. The kelong is a farms mainly oysters and mussels. But there are also some fish. The kelong offer many activities beside of having best dining such as kayaking, karoke, table tennis, archery and also fishing.

Malaysia Fishing Ponds

Fishing on fishing pond is very popular in Malaysia. There are plenty of best fishing ponds in Malaysia offer the spectacular catch ranging from saltwater fishpond to freshwater fishing pond with the variety of fish such as giant grouper, GT, mangrove jack, barramundi, giant snakehead, Siamese carp, red-tailed cat fish, Mekong catfish, peacock bass, amazon catfish, arapaima, alligator gar and many more. Here are top 10 fishing ponds in Malaysia:

  • 1. Natural Exotic

Natural Exotic is one of the best fishing pond in Malaysia with great fish species to catch including Alligator Gar and Red-tail catfish. Aside of the predators, there still may species of fish stocked in the pond such as Arapaima, Giant Mekong Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Tapah, Temoleh, Giant Snakehead, Striped Snakehead and many more. All of them are the giant and strong fighting predator that will make you sweet fishing.

  • 2. LS Fishing Pond

LS Fishing Pond is one of the best saltwater fishing pond in Malaysia located in Carey Island. If you want to try fighting with giant grouper weighing up to hundreds of kilograms, this pond is the exact place for it. Beside the giant groupers, this pay pond are also filled with snappers, tiger grouper and many more.

  • 3. Fish Valley

Fish Valley is a great family outing fishing pond in Malaysia. Mekong catfish is one of the elusive catches in the pond. Beside the fish, there are many other species of fish such as carp, catfish, red tilapia, giant snakehead and others. Fish Valley has beautiful environment and great seafood dining. It has big place for fishing like in a lake. You may rent the rod and reel for fishing. The place is located on Kachau Road, Semenyih, Selangor 43500, Malaysia.

  • 4. Jugra Saltwater

Jugra SW is great catch and release saltwater fishing pond. You have the opportunity to catch GT, barramundi, grouper, snapper and redfish. Redfish is one of the favorite catch in the pond. The pond is located about 42 kilometers from KLIA precisely in Jalan Air Tawar, Kampung Bandar, Banting, Selangor. For those who love the lure fishing, Jugra SW is one of the best spot.

  • 5. Fishing Buddies

Fishing Buddies is another fantastic fishpond both for beginner and professional anglers. There are lots of groupers, giant trevallies, mangrove jack, snappers, redfish, cobia and others. Fishing Buddies is located at Bagan Lalang, Tanjong Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia or about 40 minutes driving from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This pond has a great size of GT that will give a powerful fighting with the anglers.

  • 6. Hulu Langat Fishing Resort

Hulu Langat is another best fishing pond in Malaysia completed with private chalet where you can stay longer and fishing. The pond are filled with species of catfish such as Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish and Amazon Catfish. The fishing resort and restaurant is located on Lot 769, Jalan Sentosa 11/A, Taman Desa Sentosa, Mukim Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia. You will have exciting fishing experience in this place and excellent sport fishing.

  • 7. TowFoo Sports Fishing Pond

TowFoo Sport Fishing Center is catch and release fish pond located in Jalan Kampung Baru Sri Kundang, 48020 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia. There many species of fish such as pacu, catfish, grass carp, tilapia, giant featherback and many more. There are also house boat available to read that can accommodate 4 anglers. If the house boat is full, you may also rent a fiber glass boat.

  • 8. Tiger 5, Perak

Tiger 5 Fishpond is another fantastic saltwater fishing pond in Malaysia located on Jalan Tawar-Pantai Resmis, Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. This catch and release fishpond is truly saltwater game fish where you can catch dragon grouper, barramundi, giant grouper and many more.

  • 9. Gansaan Fish Pond

Gansaan Fishing Pond is a saltwater hourly paid fishing pond in Malaysia located on Pulau Carrey, Jalan Segenting 42500, Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, Malaysia. There are lots of species of fish to catch including grouper, snapper, giant grouper, mangrove jack, barramundi and others.

  • 10. Damai Fishing Village

Damai Fishing Village is one of the best fishing villages in Malaysia with its ponds. The fishing pond is located on Jalan Perling, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. There are lots of saltwater species of fish are awaiting to fight with anglers ranging from giant trevallies, barramundi, mangrove jack, grouper, redfish and snapper.

Best Things to do in Malaysia

Malaysia is best known world tourist sites, rich with culture and modern. It is offering plenty enchanting things to do in Malaysia ranging from large scale food courts, street food, shopping malls to diving into pristine waters. Here are top tourist attractions in Malaysia you may visit after fishing trip:

  • 1. Twin Tower Petronas
  • 2. Langkawi Islands
  • 3. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
  • 4. Malacca
  • 5. Penang
  • 6. Taman Negara
  • 7. Genting Highlands
  • 8. Kota Bharu
  • 9. Sepilok
  • 10. Kuching
  • 11. Perhentian Islands
  • 12. Mount Kinabalu
  • 13. China Town KL
  • 14. National Mosque
  • 15. Cameron Highlands
  • 16. Gunung Mulu National Park
  • 17. Kampung Kuantan
  • 18. Sipadan Island Diving
  • 19. Kota Kinabalu
  • 20. Batu Caves

How to Get to Malaysia

Travelling by air is the easiest way to reach Malaysia. You may reach Malaysia through this three significant airport namely Kuala Lumpur International Airport which the busiest airport in Malaysia, Senai International Airport in Johor and Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah. Kuala Lumpur is a major hub for flights from major cities in Europe, Asia and Australia. You may also travel by rail from Singapore and Thailand by Malayan Railway Service. There are day to day trains connect both Thailand and Singapore.

See Aso:

Fishing in Malaysia is probably one of the top bucket list for some anglers in the world. Malaysia fishing trip are great both deep sea fishing charters and freshwater fishing either in Peninsular Malaysia or Borneo Malaysia. Whether you like jigging, trolling, casting or fly-fishing. It is fantastic place to catch monster fish like sailfish, GT, marlin and many more.

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