Fishing in Medan, North Sumatera: 10 Best Spots to fish in Medan, Indonesia

Do you want to fight with reef-dwelling fish, Belawan is one of the best place fishing in Medan that you can go for angling in the sea. Medan, North Sumatra has many fishing spots that you can visit from sea fishing spots, estuaries, to fishing ponds. For those who want to do their hobby of fishing in Medan City, North Sumatera, there are many fishing spots in Medan, North Sumatra that can be your fishing destination.

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Medan is the capital of North Sumatra which is a metropolis with skyscrapers and a dynamic cultures. Medan Grand Mosque and Maimun Palace are one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Medan to visit. Medan is one of a major cities in Indonesia and a busy trading city in the Straits of Malacca. Medan is very multicultural where you can see historical buildings, museums, enjoy special food, nightlife and many others.

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Medan is also known for its marine products, such as squid which is traditionally caught off the northeast coast of Medan for 12 miles to more. For those of you who like to fish for squid, you can try it in Medan. In addition, there are also fishing spots in Medan for bottom fishing in the sea and fishing in the pond.

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The following are location of fishing in Medan that you can go for fishing:

  • 1. Belawan Sea

Belawan Sea is one of the popular fishing locations in Medan for sea fishing anglers. Belawan is very suitable for bottom fishing technique, there are a lot of grouper snapper that you can catch here.

  • 2. Ocean Pacific Belawan

Ocean Pacific Belawan is one of the family fishing attractions in Medan. There are many anglers in groups who come to this place. At this location, there are rows of seats with shaded roofs made for visitors. You can have a grilled fish after you catch a fish here. Generally, visitors bring their own food and drinks. The Pacific Ocean is also known as Olo Beach.

  • 3. Deli River

Deli River is one of the fishing spots in Medan, there are many types of fish in this river. Moreover, in 2020 ago, this river once overflowed and floods caused many fish escaped from ponds. Fish that you can catch here such as tilapia fish and there is also pomfret. At the mouth of the deli river is also very potential, but you have to be very careful because previously in this estuary had been caught estuarine crocodiles.

  • 4. Sicanang Mangrove Forest

Fishing is an activity that is often done by Medan residents on weekends. The Sicanang Mangrove Forest is one of the best fishing locations in Medan. According to the manager of the place, namely the Tourism Awareness Group, the fish that are often caught in this spot are threadfin silver belly fish, Eeltail catfish and grouper. In this place, not only fishing activities, but also many visitors traveling with family.

  • 5. Seruwai Medan Labuhan

If you want to fish for voracious fish, you can go directly to Seruwai, but there is an entrance fee per day. In this place there are many tilapia and milkfish. This place is only for fishing with fishing rods and the use of nets is prohibited. Even with fishing rods, you will get abundant catches.

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  • 6. Nini Para Fishing Pond

Nini Para fishing pond is one of among the other many fishing ponds in Medan that you can visit. This pond is located on Jl. Setia Budi Ujung, Simpang Selayang, Medan Tuntungan, Medan – North Sumatra. This pond is a daily fishing pond as well as kilograms catch pay pond by targeting fish to cacth such carp, tilapia, and pomfret.

  • 7. Sinulingga Fishing Pond

Sinulingga Fishing Pond is perfect for anglers with a target of carp and catfish. This pond is located on Jl. Herba Flowers, Sempakata Kec. Medan Selayang, Medan – North Sumatra.

  • 8. Rudang Mayang Fishing Pond

Rudang Mayang Fishing Pond is one of the goldfish fishing ponds. This place is located in Gg. Sustenance, Padang Bulan Selayang I, Medan Selayang, Medan City, North Sumatra. For those of you who live in the Padang Bulan area, this place is very easy to reach.

  • 9. Alvaro Fishing Pond

Alvaro Fishing Pond is one of the fishing ponds is kilogram paid pond after you catch of goldfish and tilapia and the results will be weighed and you will pay according to the price of the fish so you can take it home. This place is located on Jl. Bendungan I No. 176, Bangun Mulia, Medan Amplas, Medan City, North Sumatra.

  • 10. Muara Paloh Nonang, Medan

The last fishing spot in Medan that you can visit is Muara Paloh Nonang, Belawan which is a good location for fishing. Fishing here is more calm and relaxing where there are lots of trees. You can fish using live shrimp. There are a lot of Eeltail catfish and if you are lucky, you will catch the mangrove snapper.

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Those spots are for the anglers who like for fishing in Medan, North Sumatra. You can escape from your busy activities in the crowded city to make your fishing hobby happened.

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