Fishing in Lake Toba, The largest volcanic lake in the world, North Sumatra

Toba Lake is the largest volcanic lake in the world located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Fishing in Toba Lake has many freshwater species of fish. Toba Lake is the largest resurgent caldera on earth formed by a gigantic eruption about 70,000 years ago. Toba lake is rich inland fishing grounds in North Sumatera and one of the productive freshwater fisheries as the main source of protein for Samosir and other region near Toba lake.

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Fishing in Lake Toba is quite different from European or the other lake in America. The freshwater fish is not as big as popular species such as smallmouth bass, white perch, trout and much more. The largest fish had been caught from Toba Lake is common carp 15kg and 21kg.

If you are interested in fishing in Lake Toba and having nice camping with beautiful panoramic view, you can go to Siarubung fishing camp. You can rent a camp tent included fishing gear, fish feed and fish grill. You can enjoy a day in nature near Toba Lake. Besides, renting a boat and go for fishing around the lake is also great.

Lake Toba has many species of fish which is freshwater fish, here are the best fish to catch in Lake Toba, North Sumatra:

  1. Dwarf Snakehead
  2. Stripped Snakehead
  3. Walking Catfish
  4. Java Barb
  5. Tinfoil Barb
  6. Bonylip Barb
  7. Javan Mahseer
  8. Asian Swamp Eel
  9. Climbing Perch
  10. Black Tilapia
  11. Nile Tilapia
  12. Grass Carp
  13. Common Carp
  14. Giant Gourami
  15. Snakeskin Gourami
  16. Red Devil Fish
  17. Threespot Anglefish
  18. Marble Goby
  19. Threespot Gourami
  20. Catfish

To catch the fish has many different fishing techniques depend on target fish to catch, mostly the fishing methods using to catch the fish in Toba Lake are bottom fishing and casting techniques for recreational and netting for commercial. To catch Tilapia, the local anglers using fine green moss and pellets with variety of unique blends to attract Nile tilapia, carp and gourami. In addition, using worm is also work for some fish like tilapia and threespot anglefish, walking catfish and snakehead. To catch larger predator like snakehead and mahseer, you can try cast a lure.

There are various fishing spots in Lake Toba for land-based fishing namely Parbaba Beach, Tongging Village, Paropo for best view while fishing and camping, Tomok ferry jetty, Lopo port, Putri Lopian Beach, Siallagan in Ambarita Village, near Danau Toba Cottage beach in Parapat, Batu Hoda Beach in Samosir and many more.

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Besides of fishing, you can find lake spearfishing community in Balige. Not all places allow spearfishing in Toba Lake since some of village has issued village regulations banning spearfishing because triggered by the perfunctory killing fish. Spearfishing is requires high foresight in choosing a location with the contour of flat and sandy. Other things you can do besides of fishing in Lake Toba, you can take a kayak tour, swimming, enjoying watersport, cycling tour, jetski, banana boat rides and winging.

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