Fishing in Pawai Island, Singapore in the great coral reefs spot

Fishing in Southern Islands of Singapore offer number of species of fish to catch. Fishing in Pawai Island offer variety of species of fish ranging from grouper, golden snapper, indian threadfin to queen fish. Pawai Island is one of the best for Singapore fishing charter to get bend of the rod and catching fish. The island owned by Singapore armed force mean access to the island is prohibited.

Pawai Island is an island situated on south-west of Singapore. It was also known as Alligator Island in the past during colonial era. The island has extensive coral reefs. The waters around Pawai Island with other southern islands are home to Singapore’s best coral reefs. In 1967, the island was a popular underwater exploration and Singapore spearfishing activities.

Pawai Island is one of the popular fishing spot for bottom fishing, micro jigging and popper fishing. The water around the island is good to catch small GT (giant trevally), nice size of orange spotted grouper, coral trout, golden snapper, queen fish and many more.

Pulau Pawai is surrounded by great coral reefs that is teeming with diverse of fish species. Micro jigging and reef fishing in Pawai Island is a more relaxed fishing adventure. You can spend the day aboard and perfect way to spend quality time with family and friend. You will get memorable fishing trip on this island.

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Fishing in Pawai Island become of the best fishing and outdoor activities. Pulau Pawai has lush green forests and rich of biodiversity of coral reefs. Pulau Pawai island a great place to test your rod. It is also perfect place for kids fishing. Whether you are an fisherman or simply looking for a delightful of thrill of fishing, Pulau Pawai is one of the great option.

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